Self Consciousness is your Path to Healing if Lonely Depressed

Exercise: My self consciousness Is Deep within Me We all have our bad days, moments, and periods of dire frustration. If it’s not one thing, it’s more of something else trying to get under our skin. This bedtime mindfulness meditation exercise has helped me achieve extremely beneficial results when finding me lost, alone, and away […]

Handling Guilt with Truth Value by Awakening Consciousness

It’s our own choice in handling guilt when we condemn ourselves and judge others in this same manner, which brings on the guilt that spurs attack-type thoughts. The mind chooses to judge another as being unworthy of his or her love, and believes punishment should be due. Often it is as tedious, but hurtful, as […]

Mental Peace and Inner Freedom a Great Longing of the World.

Come on here friends isn’t mental peace and inner freedom a great concern in our lives today? What about our feelings of the tendency to fear of loss? Should we not be more passionate about the power of peace within? We live in a hectic world where cash and power are typically at the forefront […]