When Angry Mad and Living in Fear Turn to Right-Mindedness

What is it that can cause you to be angry mad and living in fear except for something temporary, like a projection?

Likewise, how can anything temporary be real if God’s Creation is eternal?

You are this creation, but as long as you dream of separation your mind carries with it a permanent aspect the Holy Spirit. He is in you—the essence behind the dream.

Being that the Holy Spirit is you, your eternal reality is established. He is your Guide while in the dream state and is using time for your gentle reawakening.

Thereby, the Holy Spirit is eternally you and temporarily in your right mind, while you dream of separate thoughts from that of creation, keeping you responsive to your One-minded eternal and whole existence.

However, your dreaming perception may view things as opposite or upside down to the Oneness you truly are.

A Course in Miracles gives us this profound lesson:

  • Miracles are associated with fear only because of the belief that darkness can hide. You believe that what your physical eyes cannot see does not exist. This leads to a denial of spiritual sight.

In other words, when angry mad and living in fear your perception may side with the dream as being true reality.

Try to look at it this way:

We all have a wrong-minded or upside-down state of mind about us that insists we’re seeing the truth on particular matters, and we even go out on a limb to prove to ourselves and to others our so-called righteousness.

But this is okay.

Now we can face up to this and learn that we each have a right-minded sensation or gut feeling if you will, that sees through our wrong-mindedness, whether we care to admit it or not.

It’s that sense about you that may not always be precise, but is on a precision path to the only truth, regardless of any brave front we may portray just so that we might gain instead of lose.

It’s this “something” in us that gently whispers the true thought that there is no need to have to prove ourselves.

You can choose to either be angry mad and living in fear, which only places the defensive untrue statement in your mindset, such as “I’m not afraid of anything,” or you can choose to be honest with yourself.

If you’re not angry mad and living in fear of the ultimate, then fear itself would never enter your mind.

Every response you make to all that you perceive is either up to you, or illusive thinking.

The latter, or ego, is the wrong-minded approach to making its own truth, because it cannot comprehend total Oneness, which is what rests beyond everything that is called Truth.

The ego only understands what is of the body. This wrong-minded part of the split-mind has fragmented from Oneness of thought as it dreams.

This is why it cannot realize being at-one with anything, especially itself. On the other hand, the right-mind is what holds on to the sensation of a one-minded reality.

In the right-mind is where the Holy Spirit abides so it can whisper real thoughts while He watches over the entire dream.

He leads you to certainty about yourself and to the fact that you are with Him as the Spirit of God.

God doesn’t change His Mind about you, because He isn’t uncertain about Himself.

I strongly suggest this video for a peaceful miraculous journey while here on Earth!

Therefore, the next time you are angry mad and living in fear or uncertain about anything which you feel might be life sustaining, or bitterly important, ask yourself a quick question.

Why am I uncertain?

Next, listen for the answer.

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When Angry Mad and Living in Fear or Uncertain about Anything

God’s knowledge is available to you as well as It is to me, by the Holy Spirit’s method of communication through the right-mind.

But be aware that the right-mind, too, is separated thought, just as wrong-mindedness is, but only with a positive perception wanting to follow the truth, and with a willingness to not look back.

Just remember the Holy Spirit is the unseparated thought system we share that is of Truth.

It’s that non-dreaming wholeheartedness in each of us that keeps ourselves—the dreamer—alert to the reality behind the illusion of form.

Whereas the wrong-mind is the illusive thoughts and perceptions that keep on insisting you are separate from God, and that His Divinity, Heaven, is outside of you.

This “insisting” is ego based and upholds itself as right when it always puts emphasis on saving itself. It fears death, whereas our right-mindedness can perceive the essence beyond the body.

This is the perception that you are more than a body, and we can call this right-minded perception.

It is this perception that bridges you to One-mindedness.
But let’s not confuse the wrong-mindedness portrayal of dishonesty and disparity as that of you who dreams.

Rather, wrong-minded thoughts and perceptions are totally of the dream itself, or ego-based mind.

A Course in Miracles further teaches us that:

  • Unreal or fake consciousness is correctly identified as the domain of the ego. The ego is a wrong-minded attempt to perceive yourself as you wish to be, rather than as you are.

This is your ego that has no sense at all of Divinity.
The ego is so fragmented in its thought that oneness can never be brought to it. It is impossible.

What is unreal and angry mad and living in fear can never join what is real.

This is why the ego in each of us can never accept total truth. How do we help the ego that is in all of us to see the light?

We don’t but, rather, we let go of it by leaving it be. Like all thought in dreams, it fades away, until a point where the dreamer totally awakens.

God created you in eternity as Himself, not a body as the ego-based dreaming mind would interpret reality. God gave us the power to create so that we are like Him.

This is why your mind is holy and is not of or inside the body.

But as we discussed earlier on, let’s not get all caught up in the word holy as meaning something special, or outside yourself, or appointed, that requires special clothing, water, oils, or beads, etc., but more so, see the word in your mind as a signpost joining your brother/sister on the right-mindedness bridge that leads us Home.

Allow your own holiness to prove your Divinity.

Try to accept your Divinity as simply being or knowing your true essence that leads you to your true free will in life.

It’s what you truly are and not what you pretend to be out of fear. There is nothing beyond Truth, because your free will is one with His Will.

Once you begin tapping into this knowledge by getting accustomed to its quiet messages from your Communicator, you will realize how much is up to you, which is everything.

When angry mad and living in fear threatens your mind like attack types of thought, simply ask yourself one quick question.

Has God changed His Mind about you?

Then move on by accepting that His Mind is changeless, and refuse to change your mind about yourself. How could God ever decide against you without deciding against Himself?

Besides, when you live a life of wholeness, what decisions could there possibly be that does not reflect truth? It’s the same truth that is your brother’s/sister’s.

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It’s what you truly are and not what you pretend to be out of fear.


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