Our Fears in Life Hold Us Back unless We Begin Truly Finding Forgiveness

By just a little fearless effort in facing our fears you can lift yourself into happiness.

You can’t conquer that torment by choosing to have guts to get the life you want, if you have the tendency to be fearful.

Get started now for how to get the life you want. I mean by making a list of all the things you would like to bring in into your life.

If there is any thing holding you back in achieving them. The next action is to take a look at the list you made and find out.

Keep in mind what the Course in Miracles teaches in a wonderful lesson:

  • Each lilly of forgiveness offers all the world the silent miracle of love. 

Healing our Fears by Finding Forgiveness of Interpretation

How did we develop the mindset of being filled with fears?

Let’s, as example, take a look at how the ego based mind has set in place a motion of wrong-mindedness even when it interprets scripture.

We’ve come to live by the fear of punishment in this ego-minded interpretation of the following Bible verse: “Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord”.

The ego-based mind wishes to prove that God corrects all wrongful acts by punishment. This is why the ego made up the concept of “burning in hell”, for our fears.

However, the Holy Spirit lovingly re-interprets this enlightening Scripture to mean that:

  • “Contrary to how it feels when we’re lost in the emotions to judge, there is no such thing as righteous anger.”

Why our fears will be gone forever when we face it straight on is truly what heals.

The Holy Spirit wants us to get the message, here, to “Let go of the idea of vengeance.”

Certainly, by giving your wrong-minded confusing thoughts to God, so the vengeance can be disregarded.

There is no need for it, and by relinquishing it you are therefore overlooking by looking beyond the body, to the reality of that individual.

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The Holy Spirit corrects by undoing the errors through reversal of our fears; not by punishment.

By understanding this you’ve overlooked vengeance by looking beyond it. This is true forgiveness.

This is the forgiveness I want my three daughters to understand and practice in their own unique loving fashion.

Likewise, I see them passing this lesson along to their children, my grandchildren, and on and on.

We must realize that forgiveness is not some “parading” around with a set of words no one really cares to understand when it lacks truth.

To forgive yourself means looking beyond those ego-based interpretations based on fear and doubt.

We must see beyond in order to unite within.

This is how we can end punishment and begin healing ourselves as a whole, instead of continuing the bleeding individually.

We place the crown of thorns on ourselves, which leads to crucifying each other.

Try to see that when the world in general can accept this, our minds will merge and no longer seem to wish to make separate and private and alone.

We will shift forward in our minds more so than we are at now, back toward unseparated creativeness.

Our knowledge, then, will instruct this tiny part of the mind that dreams it has separated, not to see itself as separate any longer.

But for now, wrong-mindedness continues with this belief resulting in guilt as what makes the body.

The body is our projections of guilt, and in this illness arises.

We seem to die because the body is attacked, and then ordered by this guilt that it make itself host to a separated mind.

But it has trouble doing so, because only in fantasy can a body be the house for a mind.

The body holds our true identities hostage. The Identity of you and I is beyond any such fantasy.

The ego-mind cannot attack, but it does dream of fantasy for the body to act out based on our fears.

Yet, whatever the body performs never seems to satisfy this part of the mind that wishes to dream.

There always seems to be the mission of getting more. I mean, instead of living to your passion in life.

Unless the ego-based mind is satisfied that the body is sufficiently acting out its fantasies, it will attack the body by increasing its projection of guilt.

The Course in Miracles further teaches us:

  • Every time you choose whether or not to fulfill your passion—which is your function, you are really choosing whether or not to be happy

In other words, we can say that this tiny speck of mind that slipped into a daze or dream of sort is clearly delusional. But it is so only while it dreams.

Once again, I feel the urge to emphasize to you this is why we call it a split-mind.

But more importantly, remember, we sense this illusion in a right or wrong-minded sort of way.

Our Fears Easily Surrendered by Undoing

My point for you to contemplate is that both right-mindedness and wrong-mindedness are what constitutes this speck of separated mind.

However, it is the right-mind of this tiny speck that has the willingness which makes it ready to sense the whole mind, the infinite mass behind the dream.

A good example, here, is depicted well when I sensed the prison guard’s flashlight on my face during my dream, which I described in my book series.

Or, we can say the right-mind is the positive part of your ego that senses “there must be more”.

Its willingness explores the expressions it senses from deeper within.

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To a life of love and success,

James Nussbaumer

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