Shift of Consciousness to Finally Realize your Truest Passion

Forget dreams … create a shift of consciousness and have visions!

Do you still keep that all important ‘Inner Spark Alive’? … even many years later from college, or your business, your golf game or whatever path your life has been down?

To me a few actions lead to ‘real passionate advancement here’. Our success domain can be summed up in basic actions.

Action # 1: Dream with Expression that is Totally Relaxed Freedom! 

Though I said, forget dreams what I meant is dream with flexibility in detail. Undisturbed, free flowing and psychologically ‘living it out’. Discover to dream by doing this!

Action # 2: Let Your Dreams Lead to Visions and Miracle Mindedness!

Clear cut visions where you see the total road map. This is what I call focused visions.

Folks, all this is why I so strongly suggest learning mindfulness meditation.

Step # 3: Let Your Visions Lead to A shift of consciousness Physical Model!

Make a little design of your vision … simply the method an architect make mini designs of his structures.

Or make a ‘printable’ design on a piece of paper. Clear and extensive. Consist of whatever that you desire in it.

Action # 4: Begin to Manifest Your Miniature Model!

Ladies and gentlemen! Now you are on to it!
This is the location where you come across some useful issues.

Keep focused on your miniature design – Begin taking on the problems as and when it arises. One by one.

Forget the word determination to launch yourself from self-defeating pressures!

Instead, just be ‘going to go through’ what it takes it to be there. That is send yourself totally to your vision.

End Result: Your success! Unadulterated pure success!

As you proceed through this article keep in mind this lesson from A Course in Miracles:

  • The miracle is an expression of #awakening with an inner awareness of Christ Consciousness and the acceptance of your True Reality.

I stated, forget dreams what I indicated is dream with flexibility in detail. Learn to dream this way!

Clear cut visions where you see the complete roadway map. This is what I call focused visions.

Keep focused on your shift of consciousness – Begin dealing with the problems as and when it develops.

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In the next section we need to discuss the wonderful shift of consciousness.

If you need a boost in life to overcome a scarcity mindset, I strongly suggest this…

Terrific Shift of Consciousness – The Passion

A terrific shift is in the making: A time for really deep purification and cleansing from the inner core within ourselves and within the Earth up to the external manifest truth.

How this will all play out is our option.

Numerous will understand the requirement for inner and external concentrate on unity and love.

Lots of others will stay under the grip of their set old ways and hence experience this world with much worry while focusing on dis-unity.

This is a time where our greatest force will emerge from its concealed inner recesses as we face our greatest difficulty: a change and trans-evolution of mankind.

I mean to say, when our thought processes transmute from an extreme concentration on absence toward a gentler consistent awareness of the appeal and unity of all within the ONE that we all are here to manifest.

This is a time prophesied for eons where, in this world produced around the notion of polarity, the “real” caring and supporting Female energy is ready to interpenetrate each of our hearts.

Likewise, and balance out the Masculine expansive effective energy that has actually overtaken alone much of Creation and destabilized it.

It remains in the balancing and the unity of the 2 that our inner smiling possible future lays.

Please allow this spiritual and great energy in, and desire deeply for unity, for because act lies the path to our happiness and salvation.

All fantastic shift of consciousness modifications causes lots of much initial resistance, the degree of which will specify the course of this Creation for a long period of time to come.

Let’s also contemplate this spiritual principle from A Course in Miracles:

  • Your passion: We stand below God in the process of “rising up… the distance between God and man would be too great for you to encompass. We must bridge the distance as brother/sisters of divinity, and as a Child of God on the other.

As many impacting events will happen, and a lot more unfold in the next months and years.

I am saying, frequently in a sped-up manner, one core issue will emerge as paramount in being the only genuine concern to be asked and the only option to be had.

” Where does your enthusiasm and life passion lay?”

Does it lay upon a world where all ideas and typical efforts are on compassion, forgiveness, unity, joy, and the notion that we are all – with no exception -linked within the idea of ONE?

Is it your truest shift of consciousness desire to unify the parts within yourself, the family without, and our biggest and most gorgeous household: mankind?

Or does your life passion and enthusiasm lay upon events, stories, legends, and philosophies which stimulate and set off separation, elitism, worry, violence, control, gore, and the anti-force to the spiritual idea of Unity of all and whatever within the One and Only?

Do you wish to unify all polarities to usher the proclaimed glorious period, or polarize much more? For this is the only concern to be asked.

Please, I ask of you, enjoy carefully what you welcome in your heart.

If you welcome within and resonate only with what unifies us as one mindedness and therefore exalts life, then the peace of the ONE, marvelous Creation, and life, longer that you can ever imagine, will be yours.

Nevertheless, if you welcome and resonate within upon visions of death, fear, and all that separates, divides, and separates us, then war, suffering, insecurity, and death will be yours.

All fantastic spiritual masters pertained to tell us of this shift of consciousness choice and the ways of seeing the very same truth.

Yes, and some of the ancients even expressed it in their lives and experiences on passion and purpose, in order for us to understand the repercussions.

A glass is either half complete or half empty depending upon your focus of attention. Both are true at the same time.

It is your focus which will figure out which course you will experience. You can either focus on what is going wrong in your life, or what is fascinating and passionate.

You can focus on the unity and common thread of all presence, see the amazing a truth of creation, and experience the incredible.

But do not get caught up in lacking thoughts or a scarcity mindset. 

Please do not fall into the trap of focusing on what is lacking in your life once again.

Please fall for yourself once again, and with all your passion for the human spirit.

For this is valuable, magnificent, and spiritual expressions of the ONE vital force flowing through all living things.

It is in the balancing and the unity of shift of consciousness that our inner smiling probable future lays.

Please allow this spiritual and terrific energy in, and wish deeply for unity, for in that act lies the course to our joy and redemption.

A glass is either half full or half empty depending on your focus of attention. It is your focus which will determine which course you will experience.

You can focus on the unity and typical thread of all existence, see the amazing awe-and reality of creation.

Yes, and experience the miraculous, or focus on your truest life passion.

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Please allow this spiritual and terrific energy in…

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