I Need to Find Myself never happens when You Stay in the Gap

The false ideas in the gap lived daily means you’ll never answer to, the haunting question of, I need to find myself.  In the real world that you and I eternally live in, there are no gaps keeping us from living our purpose and passion. I mean when you’re up against the notion trying to […]

Finding your True Self and Stop Bad Addictions by Spiritually Awakening

What we’ve discussed in my ever-developing book series is the process of finding your true self, by accepting our part in how to spiritually awaken. I mean for our own personal transformation and success we must be cautious with our own projected images and finding identity. How you project your true identity can easily be […]

Everlasting Prosperity and Abundance by Releasing the Scarcity Mindset

Around ninety percent of people, or a vast majority, everywhere, when they think of everlasting prosperity and abundance have a scarcity mindset. That is because of not having an inner awareness of how to attract wealth and money.  Are you among them? Is there a spiritual metaphysical manner of wealth creation? You bet there is! […]