Overcoming Adversity; Another Way of Looking at the World Today

Overcoming adversity can be a no brainer when we trust. We have all lost our desire and ambitions at some point in our life. We often seem to be running out of steam when we needed it the most—then feeling more miserable over our loss of purpose or energy. Then even more miserable contemplating the effort […]

Learning from Self Insight and Inward Growth, Beginning Today

How the memory functions play into professional development: We can learn from professional and self-insight growth by comprehending the memory and how it retains details. The memory is a structure of membranes seated on short-term and long-lasting memory stems that stretch to the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious mind. Comprehending long-term and short memory: Short-term is […]

Destructive Entrepreneurial Habits Mostly Assuring Career Self-Sabotage

Why is it, then, that lots of well-intentioned and reasonably astute specialists hear these words chronically throughout their profession despite all finest efforts? Below are the leading self-destructive work environment routines sure to threaten one’s durability on the job. First of all let me state this spiritual metaphysical principle from deep in the text of […]

Relationship Struggles: Why Couples Lose Each Other Needlessly

In the many years of my age now 65 that I have actually been studying, writing, and learning from my own relationship failures, it is just in the previous dozen or so years that I have actually been included with couples counseling. One thing I have seen with lots of couples, whether those couples are […]

The Feeling of Being Trapped and How to Escape the Darkness

The feeling of being trapped and feeling helpless stems from thoughts from an illusory inner dialogue called the ego, haunting you about being incomplete and lacking. Your thoughts lead you to believe no matter what direction you take, that you are doomed.   It most often appears from being afraid to escape darkness and shift […]