Momentum and Commitment to Awareness of Psychological Self

When I began the outline for this article as well as in my book series about momentum and commitment, I knew the message I wanted to get across.

Oh yes, I did, but didn’t know how to deliver it.

If you’ve ever felt alone on your life journey but had a feeling inside that you really were not alone, keep reading to see what I mean.

A familiar urge inside of me began to ramble with a rhythm that made sense to me. So, I proceeded to ramble while feeling a hint of guilt due to being taught that an outline is not the place for that.

So, I let go of the idea of needing an outline and just began writing.

For those of you who know me personally who might be sarcastically but lovingly saying to yourself, “You, Jim Nussbaumer, ramble on? Hard to believe!” the rambling result is now being held in your hands.

Please read on and find out if it’s truly hard to believe.

As you find your way through this article keep in mind a spiritual metaphysical principle from A Course in Miracles: 

  • His Voice, your true Spirit will direct you very specifically. You will be told all you need to know. Miracles are habits, and should be involuntary. They should not be under conscious control. 

I’d always been intrigued by time and how it moves people to meet one another, how it sets up events making history and the lives we lead.

I am convinced about mindfulness meditation for momentum and commitment, and so may you be, that where we’ve come and how we’ve arrived as well as where we are now is not only coincidence.

I’ve often wondered, where was the mind of individuals like Washington, Jackson, Ben Franklin, and the other Founding Fathers, only to mention a few, in relation to how we think and do things today?

Or let’s consider even earlier back in time to Shakespeare, Davinci, Newton, Galileo, and the like, and further to the prehistoric cave men and women.

What is it that separates us today from all of the action that made history?

Did they really exist in history or is it only in our minds that reflect their existence?

I know, here I go again, rambling on and may seem to not be making sense, so please hang on for the ride.

But overall, in my mind where momentum and commitment are concerned, I’d have to say based on my own experiences, what actually separates us turns out to be psychology.

With Freud having come along onto the scene, the psychological climate of this world changed, and our self-reflective generation is what we have today.

But I’ll admit, at first thought I was going to say technology and its innovations as the most separating aspect.

But certainly, psychology has fueled the furnace.

What’s really difficult for me to comprehend is the pre-Freudian way of processing reality. The way people lived off their land, in a one-room log cabin or soddie with only a small fireplace for warmth and cooking.

Not to forget the shortened life spans due to limited momentum and commitment and psychological awareness.

For me as a child growing up in the 1960s, technology meant the twenty-four-inch Admiral, black-and-white television set. Yes, until finally the Zenith color TV found its way into our family’s living room just in time for the first moon walk.

This was at a time when parents did not understand their teenagers, some adults were afraid of them, and flower power was streaking across the country.

Now our parents are old and so are we, and their experiences and momentum and commitment led them to different conclusions about the world. It’s a conclusion that keeps us from reaching them to the root of who they are.

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Many of the tensions between the generations have never been personal. The difficulties are nobody’s fault. We can’t change our histories, but we can change how we look at them.

I mean changing our minds about what the past represents.

Our futures can be shaped more positively if we can become more aware that surface-structure differences don’t always reflect differences in deep-structure motivations.

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Our Psychological Self needs Momentum and Commitment

We need momentum and commitment to translations and reinterpretations rather than conflict that lead to war and the threat of world annihilation.

Regardless of any generation gap, we learn from one another about our focus on life goals and the action we take whether we realize it or not.

Think about when the study of psychology came to the different areas of this world.

In America, psychology greatly influenced urban sophisticates and intellects in the 1910s and 1920s, but most Americans knew nothing about it when World War II came about.

The Midwest was slower to catch on than the East Coast, and since many writers were heavily influenced by Freud, readers were familiar with psychology sooner than nonreaders.

When I graduated from Central Catholic in 1975, I’d never heard of psychotherapy. Now it’s everywhere. Pre-teens today talk about being “in the zone.” Small-town folks talk about low self-esteem, depression, panic disorders, and Freudian slips.

Truck drivers go to therapists and hairstylists analyze their customers’ dreams. My ex-wife, Lori, is good at that.

Golf professionals seek to go deeper within their momentum and commitment wanting to see something on the putting green they’ve been missing, something deeper than which direction the turf is growing.

As progress propels us toward our life goals, people seem to want to go back to the basics, but in a more sophisticated fashion.

My friend Ollie Hendrix goes fishing alone to relieve stress and get in tune with himself. He uses the same old-fashioned jig for bait, but also uses the latest high-tech fish finder, attached to his boat.

Is that a good example of momentum and commitment?

It might not be for you but ask Ollie how it feels when later that day he goes home with a stringer full of crappie. Dinner on the table.

Many issues such as alcoholism, once denied or thought of as sinful, are now considered mental health issues. Instead of the old, “I’m okay, you’re okay,” we’ve become the “I’m dysfunctional, you’re dysfunctional” culture.

Some may use the excuse, “I come from a dysfunctional family.

But tell me, what family is functional? People who laugh all the time and cut up are often viewed as in denial or hypocritical.

If you say you’ve had a happy childhood, you are less likely to be believed than if you say that you were traumatized or abused by cruel parents.

We no longer believe that there are well-adjusted people, but we can see those who are skilled at masking their pathologies. We now live in an upside-down model for mental health, where the sick is well and vice versa.

Yes, often we trust the miserable and questionable and we doubt those who are perky with certainty.

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Today, popular psychology is on radio and TV talk shows, in women’s and men’s magazines, sports magazines, presidential and other political speeches.

Perception, thinking for change with momentum and commitment, are household words.

There is a cartoon I recently saw in a magazine, where a doorman for an apartment building says to a little girl, “Your mother must have a hidden agenda, the way she gave you those extra cookies.”

My friend Mike Hofacker has said, “We golfing maniacs seem obsessed with taking our emotional temperature when we end a good or a bad round of golf.”

Hofy has often been known to pose as a clinical psychologist at the nineteenth hole if needing an ear to bend.

For many people today, therapy and action are in our blood and is the answer to everything. I think of modern-day author Harlan Coben, who said on a TV interview, “We keep thinking we’re still age seventeen, waiting for life to begin.”

I ask you to keep tuned in to my blog, books and more and relax as we explore how you can begin realizing that real life and real relationships are here with you, now.

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Whenever you achieve inner peace you are linking yourself with everyone else that lives and creates in the same thought system.

(Please note: The serious reader of my ever-developing book series will learn to heal and find freedom in light. See more at the About/Books page on this site.) 

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