Spirit and Joy Certainly are the Guidance System to Move on in Life

True inner spirit and joy seem to always help humankind when confronted with loss and suffering.

Yes, and we tend to think this is the meaning of life.

As people move on in life while we’re getting older ourselves, we understand there will never be anyone like who we’ve lost, ever again.

We try hard to make love relationships lasting.

When relationships end for whatever reason, especially in death, it often helps us to see what is important.

What is unimportant recedes into shadows.

As we age and grow, we need spirit and joy.

Yes, too, wisdom, philosophy, psychology, poetry, art, music, and a sense of being connected to something meaningful.

Our lives, then, become more sacred and holy, as I would define the words. To me, sacred is that which moves toward wholeness.

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I’ve accepted holiness to be certain resilience, growing from experience and becoming more of who one truly is.

In my mind those that are holy and filled with spirit and joy seem to live with a purpose that results in a glow about them.

A major purpose we have as we experience life is the realization of what is real versus the unreal, or the growing of spirit and joy.

Spirit, in the context I use it, is synonymous with character.

We can say it is the governor of one’s thought system, along with the faith that motivates and explains every action.

The spirit in us is that which endures, and which gives us meaning and lifelong joy.

When I write about the spirit, I think of those who have been lifelong learners, where their whole life has been about growing and nurturing their spirit while extending joy from that.

Regardless of the self-help books you’ve read that are piled in the corner of the spare bedroom you may call your library, or the seminars for success you’ve attended.

Yes, or the personal power mindfulness meditations you practice consistently, which are all good, you still feel your life is limited.

You’re not alone in this feeling. But I sincerely applaud you for being on the positive path.

You’ve seen a loved one lose the battle to something like cancer, or maybe you are currently involved in a similar battle yourself.

Or, maybe it’s your career you see as a dead end, or you are jobless, getting a divorce, or whatever pain it might be, you see a limit to yourself and life.

Why is this?

There will always be limits on ourselves no matter how positive we think we might be, as long as our awareness is of the body.

The body is seen as your limit on life.

The belief in a limited life is how your body came into this world. The belief in a limited life is how your world evolves.

Somewhere, before your physical form was seen in this world, you decided on limits to the unlimited.

That thought and others like it are separation from the unlimited or true reality.

This projection of life is how we got here in bodily form. We’ll be going into this much deeper in my ever-developing book series. 

But for now, try to see that humankind has done this to himself and continues to think the body is separate from but still a symbolic representation of Divinity.

As yourself, when you see yourself as a body can you also see yourself as an idea? In other words, are you a bodily form or are you an idea?

An idea in itself is within your spirit and can be shared, but it is not form.

All form you recognize is identified as outside yourself, shapes, sizes, and structures that mingle among one another, or something imaginable.

Think about it.

Isn’t it even difficult to think about God without the thoughts of an old man with a white beard in a white robe sitting on a golden throne, a body?

We liked the image George Burns gave us of God, in the movie. We like to project an image of God in a similar form we’d recognize.

Many of us believe in the existence of body, mind, and spirit. The balance of all three seems to be important to our philosophy.

But you will soon learn, rather than your seemingly separated mind that makes and uses bodies, that you must choose between the limited and the unlimited eternal reality of spirit and joy.

Your choice is the wholeness that you truly are—or the unreal and ever-changing universe of bodies—which includes anything that can be perceived whether you appear to be in a body or not.

You cannot be partly whole. This state of mind doesn’t come to you all at once. Nothing worthwhile is learned overnight.

Your body cannot relate with or know God. You will never see the grandeur that surrounds you while you limit your awareness or yourself to the body and its senses.

A Course in Miracles gives us this wonderful spiritual metaphysical lesson:

  • Only by overlooking your errors and looking beyond those fears and doubts can you leave the ego thought process behind. With the grandeur of God in you, you have chosen to surrender your feelings of littleness and loneliness.

God is not in your body, nor can you join Him there.

You’ve been seeing yourself as separate or apart from God because of your beliefs in limits. This shuts Him out, meaning your body cannot be of God.

Your limits on yourself have separated you from the unlimited.

Wouldn’t you agree that if you are limited, you can never be within the unlimited? Ask yourself, is your true reality limited?

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