Guilt and the Fence You Make for it Holding You Back in Life

Not sex nor nudity, but the grief of guilt is the biggest secret ever, and it must be looked at to overcome its fear.

My friend Fran once told me of needing to change her father’s diapers; he was a stroke victim. He was humiliated and apologetic let alone in tears.

She told him, “Please, Dad, you once changed many of my diapers. Now it’s my turn.”

You may experience guilt in many issues even when you’ve wondered why. Have you ever asked yourself: “Why am I feeling guilty about this?”

Your choice to separate yourself from the unlimited is the guilt-plagued issue that puts a limit on you. This haunts the limited aspect about you.

And of course, holds you back from moving forward in life.

Make sense why you feel grief?

You have made your body to be like a tiny fence that surrounds a little part of a glorious and complete idea.

Try to imagine drawing a small crack inside a very large segment of Heaven.

The Fence for Guilt

The fence is your body.

A tiny part of your mind thinks it has split itself away from the whole of life eternal, which is Heaven, and you are projecting an image of you as this body as a barrier or fence to hide your guilt—and you call this life.

You proclaim that within this fence is your kingdom, but you’ve limited not only yourself, but God, too. Even if you allow God to enter, you will have limited Him by your fence.

This is why you project God as being located “out there.” You see everyone else with their own little fences making them separate from God, too.

Can you just imagine Saint Peter busy finding places, walking around with a clipboard, inside of Heaven trying to make room for all these fences?

That may sound a bit crazy, and it is intended to, because isn’t this the illusion many of us live by? “Reserving one’s spot in Heaven” seems to be a goal in life for those who fear their destiny.

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Let’s look more deeply at letting go of guilt.

This limiting thought system which must be separate from God because He has no limits, cruelly rules the boundaries of your fence.

Certainly, you can see this is what is keeping you from moving forward in life.

At best, it is an ultimate speck of dust you wish to defend against the universe.

The decidedly separated and split tiny piece of mind fragments itself continually while it projects images of other bodies along with your own all-hiding guilt.

It’s only an elusive thought, comparable to a dream or a daze of sort, and such a nonexistent part of the real universe—that would be similar to a sunray having an existence separate from the sun.

Or could you imagine the faintest ripple of ocean water, alone and separate from the ocean?

With such a lofty and grandiose attitude, this tiny sunray declares a life without being connected to or as one with the sun.

Likewise, the imperceptible and unnoticeable ripple hails itself needing no power from the ocean. Does this make any sense that a droplet of ocean water would not be the ocean?

If you see your body illusively powerful as this, no wonder you are frightened and often frustrated in your thoughts of life, and why you fear death.

Wouldn’t you agree this keeps holding you back in life?

You may say you believe in God, it’s what you were taught, but you still maintain that you are separate from Him.

This is why we hide our guilt and often try desperately to hide or shy away from the truth. The truth about what? you might ask. About everything and anything.

Even the truth about your uncertainty of what the truth actually is. How about the truth in the fact that we conjure up what we’d like to be the truth, in order to make ourselves appear to not be afraid of our own shadow?

Or perhaps the truth in the fact we know the truth, but fear facing it? What about the truth that you as well as God are not truly a body?

Why would this scare us?

As we move through my books and articles and videos this book together you will gradually come to realize the truth that there is no real death and that your real relationships are eternal.

Yes, I mean they last forever.

Your limited and separate thoughts from your Source have made an image of death only because deep within, you want to put an end to this limitation business.

But because you made the body, your separate-minded self—your ego—will not let go of the bodily image as being who you are.

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You will learn as you continue with my messages and here at my blog that ego in this sense is not indicating “egotistical,” but the ego-based mind in its definition of separateness surely is the breeding ground for egotistical behavior.

The ego-based mind is the elusive thought system you fear losing a grip on. Why? It’s what sees the body.

What’s really holding you back in life?

Think for a moment how you see the complete universe outside yourself, not understanding it and afraid of its uncertainty, no different from the sunray seeing the sun far off and separate from itself.

In the same sense the ocean terrifies the ripple as though it wants to swallow it. Nothing real can have power without its source.

Consider the source of electricity in your home, say, the power company. Is this company aware when a circuit breaker trips in the breaker box located in your home?

That said, a source is not aware of strange and separate activity while it simply continues its function, unaware that it is feared and hated by a tiny segment of itself that dreams it is separate.

Is the sun aware that clouds move in to block its light on a particular area of the earth?

Whatever the tiny segment illusively thinks it is, in no way changes its true dependence on its source for true existence.

Its whole real existence truly remains unseparated, otherwise the sunray, for example, would be gone; the ripple of water inconceivable without its ocean.

It’s the same strange projection of images which those in a world of bodies seem to be.

Each body seems to house a separate mind, but living alone and in no way joined to the Thought of Who created it.

Each tiny fragment of thought seems to be self-contained, limited; needing another for something regarding its own survival, but by no means sees itself as totally dependent on its creator for everything.

Being split apart, fragmented and separate from its source, how can this illusive thought system have a real source? It can’t, so it doesn’t.

Everything is of fantasy in the ego-based thought system and why you feel guilt.

Illusion is its source. It makes up its source as it goes along and to its liking.

This is why its entire thought pattern is unreal because its source is unreal, filled with limits of what this system can do and cannot do.

Yes, and this idea of fear and guilt is what is holding you back in life.

It has a fantasy of not needing the whole of life to give it any meaning and by itself it means nothing.

But just like the sun and the ocean, our true and real whole self continues unmindful that this tiny fenced-off area thinks of it split away and guarded.

Regardless of the fence, this area does not exist only with its real Source, nor would the whole of life be whole without you.

You are not a separate kingdom ruled by an errant thought of being separate from the rest.

There really is no fence that surrounds your kingdom which is your passion.

That fence of guilt is preventing you from joining with the rest of Heaven and keeping you separate from your Creator. He did not create you outside of Himself; you have always been within His mind.

The fenced-off area you think you are leads no separate life, it just thinks it does. What is eternal other than all that exists within the mind of God?

There can be nothing real outside of true oneness. Don’t you agree?

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You might ask, how do you know when you’re realizing yourself as whole?

That’s simple.

It’s when you no longer need to concern yourself with conflict. But rather live with passion!

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