Your Emotions! Perhaps a Tinder Box Ready to Explode?

How do your emotions get manifested in your body in the and affect your overall health and well-being?

Do environment and diet truly play key functions in triggering disease?

Medical professionals have actually been preaching to their patients how essential it is to eat a healthy balanced diet and to work out regularly.

Because it is unhealthy, it is likewise encouraged to restrict our fat intake. Many people think that by taking minerals and vitamin supplements they will guarantee themselves that any deficiency they have actually will be looked after.

If all the details that has been preached to us about illness and health is true, then how is it that a person such as myself could end up being chronically ill? Prior to I became chronically sick, I worked out 4 to five days a week and consumed extremely well.

Well, although dis-ease is a physical manifestation, the root causes of a lot of illnesses are not physical.

Keep in mind this spiritual metaphysical principle from A Course in Miracles: 

  • “The holy do not interfere with truth. They are not afraid of it, for it is within the truth they recognize their holiness, and rejoice at what they see.”

In essence, we develop every disease that we experience, be it on a subconscious level or an unconscious level.

How can we potentially trigger ourselves these kinds of scenarios?

Well, there are distinct emotional and psychological patterns associated with every disease. The method you choose to utilize your mind and the way you respond to your outer world have more to do with illness than your diet plan and your environment.

We have actually heard in recent years how tension can kill you. Well, it is truly not the tension in and of itself that will eliminate you, it is the way you choose to process the stress that could hurt you or make you extremely ill.

The body in essence is a mirror of our inner thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

Every single cell in your body has its own intelligence and has the ability to listen to what you are believing and feel what you are expressing mentally.

In truth, your cells and your body react to every idea you think, every feeling you have and every word you speak.

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Your Emotions Being Like Ticking Bombs

Repetitive modes of thinking and suppressing negative emotions such as anger, bitterness, bitterness, and hatred can and will ultimately manifest as dis-ease in the body.

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Literally, your reduced feelings become like ticking bombs waiting on the ideal conditions to manifest and detonate as dis-ease.

Regarding your emotions there is a philosophy/science called spiritual metaphysics.

Metaphysics handle mainly how there are numerous consider deep space in which can not be reasoned with the five senses of the human body.

In the element of illness, metaphysics proposes that there stand out emotional and psychological factors that add to the manifestation to each associating illness.

The connection in between patterns of feelings and thought to a specific disease can be so exceptionally real.

Let’s take an individual with heart disease. Metaphysically speaking, the heart represents love and our blood represents happiness.

Our hearts pump this delight throughout our bodies. When somebody does not have delight and love for their life, the heart shrinks and becomes cold and hence the blood becomes slow.

At this point, one is subjecting themselves for heart conditions such as angina, arteriosclerosis, and deposits in the arteries. If you were to look at many people who have heart disease, you will discover an absence of joy and love in their life.

Another metaphysical connection of suppressed feelings and disease would be that of cancer.

This disease is generally found in people who bring deep anger for either themselves or resentment for other people and situations that happened in the past.

These individuals were very hurt by the previous occasion and generally bring hatred for a long period of time until it literally starts eating away at the body and manifests as cancer.

I hope by now that you can start to see a deep connection in between an individual’s psychological and psychological state and the disease they bring.

Whenever a person comes down with any illness, they need to look at themselves and see what they have been believing or what feelings they have been suppressing.

Many times though, the setting off emotional and mental factors for a particular illness happened lots of months to even years before the manifestation of the disease itself.

It is key to discover the true root factors that activated the manifestation of the illness. Even conditions such as the so-called cold and the influenza may have unique psychological and psychological elements adding to them.

Any time you are sick in general, you require to listen to your body and hear what it is informing you.

Rather of always looking for a magic blue tablet or a magic supplement, one needs to be more mindful of their bodies. You have the cure within you to remove any illness.

How dis-ease really gets manifested in the body.

Your emotions and symptoms of disease result from the following 3 aspects:

1) Toxic Thoughts 2) Toxic Emotions 3) Toxic Chemicals produced in your body from your negative emotions.

Your poisonous (unfavorable) thoughts, which really identify your understanding of life occasions, cause you to have unfavorable feelings, which cause the cells of your body to develop harmful chemicals and in turn trigger your body to create hazardous cells that lead to DIS-EASE.

Science is now proving that when you are in a state of distress and disharmony, your cells produce poisonous chemicals that tend to degrade

If all the information that has been preached to us about disease and health is true, then how is it that an individual such as myself could become chronically ill?

The body in essence is a mirror of our inner ideas, beliefs and emotions.

In reality, your cells and your body respond to every idea you think, every feeling you have and every word you speak.

In the aspect of illness, metaphysics proposes that there are unique psychological and psychological elements that contribute to the manifestation to each correlating disease.

The connection in between patterns of feelings and believed to a particular illness can be so profoundly true.

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