Valuing Self Worth and are You Codependent or Independent?

Why is it that self worth is a principle that we all can connect to?

Let’s discuss compromising what our thoughts, feelings, decisions, and likes or dislikes are, for the improvement of somebody else’s.

It is as if depending upon the other person who you hold so high is more satisfying than standing alone, independent of the other.

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It’s root lives in a past when an individual didn’t recognize they actually had wings that could fly.

For fear of desertion, they reduced their own self worth, avoided confrontation, and then continued to please who they were reliant upon.

On the other hand, the counter-dependent individual who has somebody codependent towards them, is pretending that they do not require anybody else and have actually concluded that people only require them.

Both codependency and counter-dependency are an internal defense system that protect and shield from past wounds of desertion.

They both are inefficient and lead the codependent individual down a scruffy roadway of unfulfillment and ultimately depression.

Maybe, it could be stated that everybody is, to some degree, reliant upon others since, after all, we are social animals who undoubtedly need each other in some capacity.

Nevertheless, when it saps your real core of taking pleasure in the gift of life God provided you, then the sun never ever rises, and the darkness only gets darker.

We entered this world alone and we will also leave that way!

Inner strength comes from a true respect and love on your own, no matter what the circumstance or condition is.

Deep within numerous of our injured souls, that love is not strong and for that reason self regard is not correctly attained.

This is where your ingrained self-respect is gotten and how you perceive yourself. In addition, it is the weakened aura you produce to others see you that is not absolutely erect, however somewhat wilted.

Much of our real societal issues, whether they are insecurity, control issues, codependency, addictions, manipulative personality condition, seclusion, or basic anger, originated from a lack of self love, self worth, and self respect.

Individuals replace one problem for the another!

If you are lonesome inside and do not feel as though you can love the genuine you, then any and all subsequent relationships will feel that exact same inner chaos till your inside is truly loved!

These social problems listed above can link, commingle and cross each other’s boundaries in an extremely perilous way.

There is not one concern more major than the other, they are more or less on an equivalent aircraft and being dependent on another, is definitely no exception.

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Does Your Self Worth Determine if You are Codependent or Independent?

By not allowing one’s self-worth to be determined by another’s perceptions, by not feeling that being liked by another is conditional on measuring up to the expectations of others, or simply pleasing them, is definitely vital to healthy working!

A Course in Miracles further teaches us that the less you dream of separateness, the more whole you become.  The real world—our true Home, in its wholeness is always at Its maximum, and it comes to you as you gradually awaken.

Taking full responsibility for the method you feel instead of others making that discerning determination allows you to be self dependent, kicks out the crutch, and makes you stand alone.

As scary as that may appear to some, it is without a doubt the best method to perceive self worth.

Relying on that you can own your own feelings, whether they are anger, joy, setting limits, or leaving, is how we can pertain to the peaceful life we always dreamed of as a kid.

These decisions and self-adjustments for the better can be made!

It takes an individual acceptance and a subsequent love on your own: then the vulnerable individual formerly tethering by a string, is now firmly connected unto itself, immersed in self confidence and independent, not codependent.

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