Visualize the Life You Want and Live it by How to Use the Power of the Mind

Let’s discuss more about visualize the life you want, how to remove fear and combat anxiety in a metaphysical sense.

First of all, understand that the power of the mind operates through sensations as well as negative or positive visualization.

This might indicate that if you establish an objective of prosperity or career change you have the power to do so.

It might be your longing for true love with a partner you can be happy with all your life. On the other hand, far less than positive visualization may lead to disastrous situations.

So the point being, you are most likely to acquire these wonderful objectives if it is your desire.

Yes, you attempt concentrating on the sensations and also pictures related to them.

Without our understanding or realizing our true essence to our innermost core, power awaits us.

I am saying that how to use the power of the mind can be harnessed for your benefit?

Keep in mind as you absorb this article a wonderful spiritual metaphysical principle from the Course in Miracles: 

  • “It is as needful that you recognize you made the world you see, as that you recognize that you did not create yourself. They are the same mistake.”

Change Your Thoughts to Visualize the Life You Want 

We’ve heard it said often: “You can’t change the world no matter how hard you try, because it has its own way of taking care of itself, and always will.”

Although the ego aspect in we humans built on fear and doubt would like you to continue believing this.

It is of course clearly a false belief taught to us for further stimulation and continued fragmenting. Yes, and you guessed it, all out of fear.

Believe it or not, but true, without the use and abuse of substances likes drugs and alcohol, you can escape from this world and all you see around you.

Likewise, change it in the process. That’s right, you have this power of positive visualization.

This is why I like to urge that you regularly practice mindfulness meditation, and if you need to learn how I suggest this.

The world cannot function without you. This is so because it operates only by your projected images of it.

Yes, which are helped along by your own attacking types of thoughts. What you must do is give up all of our attack thoughts.

Just let them go.

This is an idea which contains the only way out of fear that will be successful. Nothing else will work because any other attempt is meaningless.

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This way you cannot fail because fear is what makes projections.

You see, every single thought you have makes up some segment of the world that you live your life in.

It is with your own thoughts that you must work with if you are to change your projections. And, which make the images of the world you see around you.

If you can change the projections entirely, your perceptions change, too. In other words, what kind of picture do you want to see?

Project only that.

Do you see pain and suffering, for example, in a prison term, such as what I once was experiencing?

Or, can you see this time period in my life as a stepping stone to something new and wonderful?

Are you with me here?

The same with a painful divorce where you feel you were the loser, or, victim, who took the fall.

Is it possible to see it as a necessary event to move forward to where you belong?

Can you look at it as you would, like a set back in business that was necessary to wait out a falling stock market?

My point is, there are all sorts of ways to rearrange your thinking to visualize the life you want. Certainly, and how you perceive the world.

You made the world and only you can change for the better, what you’ve made.

A Course in Miracles takes us deeper here by stating:

  • The Son’s creations are like his Father’s. Yet in creating them the Son does not delude himself that he is independent of his Source. His union with It is the Source of his creating.”

Thereby, this ACIM principle suggest you to consider something here, and that would be:

Do you visualize the life you want with the help of your Source, or rather with the help of fear and doubt?

One single step in a forward direction letting go of ego-based thought becomes your creativity. And there are many brush strokes that create the portrait.

When the image of your body terminates, or deceases, at that very instant so does this world. This world cannot exist without your programmed projections.

But you can change the program, a channel change to a portrayal of your inner essence. One that is true and suites you.

Much like you would by changing a computer program, or a television channel.

You may have questions or reservations about the idea that the world on Earth ends when your body goes.

You might be asking that if this is so, then how is it I still see the same world my already deceased ancestors once lived in?

It’s still a world with sickness, poverty, war, and corruption, to mention only a few, you may say.

You tell yourself that you have photographs or video of what others had suffered. As well,  the world is still here, it did not go away when the people died.

You may add that it surely seems the world did not change.

Likewise, you’re thinking about all the proof we have of history dating back to the dinosaurs.

All the years that followed, world wars, the atomic bomb, the birth of Jesus, His crucifixion, the different revolutions, and more.

Surely you have to believe that the world must continue even long after your body is gone.

Let me quickly answer you by saying you are correct. But look deeper for me here so that you’ll more deeply understand yourself.

I mean when it comes to learning to visualize the life you want.

Consider all that you are aware of in this physical world.

See that the people of the past and the occurrences that have taken place are results of your own projected images, and not theirs.

Even history itself is a projection you made, we may add is part of the idea to visualize the life you want.       

But you are still inclined to add that others in school along with you did indeed read the same history books. Just as well, they learned about the past just as you had done.

Surely someone had to write and publish these books.

You must keep in mind, your thoughts and perceptions are your own, and theirs are their own.

You do not own them, see them, nor can you change someone else’s thoughts. Nor their  perceptions, which project their own self-made images.

Just as yours do, their own thoughts of guilt, attack, and a vengeful world are what makes these images.

They stop being played out and vanish into oblivion when the body does the same.

We can say the projector is unplugged from its source of what has been another projection, called the “forms” and “things”.

It’s all that the dream of separated thought, whether fear, doubt, loss, or a more positive visualization, had dreamed up.

This surely gives you a closer look now at how to remove fear from your life and combat the anxiety holding you back.

On the bright side, this is how to visualize the life you want and make miracles be in your power.

Yet, still you may add, that when you leave this world all the projections of others will surely continue.

Ahh, but let me ask you; how do you know this?

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To living the life you want,

James Nussbaumer

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