Why am I Not Happy With My Life? Answered by Finding Your True Self Now

If you’re torturing yourself over thoughts of, why am I not happy with my life, then let’s change a few personal beliefs.

Begin a commitment to finding your true self and answering to your passions, the things you love to do.

But I think that first you might need to address more deeply what is keeping your goodness of heart from prevailing.

Why is this notion you have of, ‘not happy with myself, ‘ holding you in chains?

Where is that wrong-minded thought process sprouting from?

The Course in Miracles gives us this profound spiritual metaphysical principle:

  • “The perception of goodness is not knowledge, but denial of the opposite of goodness enables you to recognize a condition in which opposites do not exist.”

You might be stunned simply by how much your state of mind improves just by being yourself. 

As a person that went through a painful past, I’m informing you that your understanding of on your own true free will not transform until you do something about it.

Let’s look at the thought; why am I not happy with my life? 

For those of you who are reading my book series, are used to me discussing things like: As long as we dream of being separated or split away from our true Identity, we will have some pain.

And, if you know my story, you’ll will see why I can write about; if the cause of the world you see is attack mode thoughts of whatever type, change is needed.

Then you must begin to learn it is these thoughts of; why am I not happy with my life, are really thoughts you don’t want to have.

The Holy Spirit as the Course in Miracles terms our inner diving Guide while we’re in this world, will not change the world for you because it’s not real.

But He will change your thoughts and perceptions about the world. Likewise, then the world changes in how you see it.

Your real thoughts come from your real mind, and He is your real mind.

Therefore, there is no point in becoming upset or angry, or even to grieve over an out of control world.

There is no point in trying to change the ego-based mind of the world.


That’s because that would be an effect, and the ego’s world cannot have true effects without a true cause.

In other words, what is not real has no cause. But you have true cause because you are cause, and what you are brings on true effects.

But when you are upset with notions of; why am I not happy with my life, it’s difficult to be your true self.

Therefore, you must begin right now in this instant, living real.

This is easy to do.

I’ll admit that it took me a prison confinement, a loss of freedom, to realize this true fact.

This is why I urge you to live each moment from within yourself and not by outward appearances. This is where you’re at now, within yourself and it’s easy.

It is certainly how you begin finding your true self.

Now that you are with me, here, let’s change. And we both are seeing this image from within as a reflection, I mean of your real thoughts and my real thoughts.

Now, let’s understand together, that there is indeed a point in changing the thoughts that are ego-based.

We made the world based on these thoughts of fear, doubt, judgement, and the like.

By changing your thoughts, you are able to change the cause of the world you see to a real causeThis will cause the effects to change automatically as the unreal or untrue fades away.

For example, my days of ever again practicing as a financial advisor are gone forever from my mind. The thought of ever doing so has faded away, because I have let it go.

Since there’s no real cause behind it there’s no effect. The thought doesn’t exist. Why? That’s quite simple, it’s because I don’t want it to exist.

The projections of a physical world are only here while you occupy your body. Yes, which acts them out as instructed by your brain. Your brain is of the projection.

You can make the projections become the way your real mind wants them to be. I’m saying, as a reflection of your real self outwardly expressed through inward reflection.

Or, you have a world of untrue feelings of fantasy directed by the ego-based mind. It’s your choice.

Your power of choice from deep within, is what leads you away from feeling in the dumps or down on yourself.

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You can reflect Truth or project untruths.

The world you see is an angry world, and everything in it is a symbol of vengeance. Why is it this way?

I mean, especially when you hound yourself over many fearful notions like; why am I not happy with my life?

You must consider that having separate thoughts and different unreal causes will make a world at odds with one another.

Each of our projected images of the world are different pictorial representations of each of our own attack types of thoughts.

Of course, regardless of offensive or defensive.

You might ask, isn’t this called seeing?

Let’s be completely truthful here about being your true self.

Couldn’t we say that fantasy is a better expression for a process as this, and hallucination as a more appropriate, overall, result?

Here’s the problem:

You are able to see the world you have made, but you are not seeing yourself as the “image maker.”

You can’t be saved from the world, but you can escape from its unreal cause. This is true “salvation”.

It’s how you answer to; why am I not happy with my life?

Just as discussed with the Bible, many writers of history in any regards have tried to portray their own messages based on their own projections.

They, of course, had right-minded intent to connect with future individual reasoning.

However, the ego-based mind along the way made up its own wrong-minded interpretations based on fear and doubt.

A Course in Miracles further states:

  • “Do not underestimate the appeal of the ego’s demonstrations to those who would listen.”

Just as well, ‘along the way,’ driven by more and more fear and guilt, and always of a physical nature.

This has given us much of the reasoning and unreal understanding and false interpretations.

I mean turning into personal beliefs we have today, that could either set you free, or further imprison you.

Our error is when we cry within about, ‘ why am I not happy with my life, ‘ it’s that we further project from fear and doubt.

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To being your true self,

James Nussbaumer

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