Trying to Move On is Successful when you Embrace your Power for Change

Your life is yours and trying to move on in this world is under your complete control, if you will allow it to be.

You understand what’s ideal for you, but you’re having trouble getting there.

Entering into alignment with faith in who you truly are is the first step when crying inside, “help me move on.”

You have the power to change by reaching your inner core. Yes, the God Essence of who you are, and ignite the power for change from there.

Doesn’t it lots of times seem easier to judge circumstances getting in the way, and then placing more blame?

There are methods to hold the power for programming the right projections, or, visualization, we may say.

I mean for rising above the life challenges that you are up against, and moving forward in life.

Whatever your objective, read on with your open mind to tap into your power for change.

Let’s begin by programming your visualization when trying to move on in life.

I’d like to suggest how you may save yourself from a vengeful, attacking, world, demanding retribution of you.

Wow, but isn’t that how we sometimes think?

It’s the same saving grace the Course in Miracles has taught me about myself that is available without notice.

Believe me when I say there’s plenty of fury, violence, and attack, there in prison where I’d spent 8 long years.

And I learned to overcome it by letting go of its unreal cause.

But this is not about me, it’s about you who are trying to move on in life and might feel out of control.

I don’t necessarily speak of here about your body’s sight.

But I do mean for you to understand that your vision beyond all of the dictates of this world, has always held a replacement for everything you think you see now.

The real brought forward in your mind’s eye is wholeness, sending the unreal back into nothingness.

Oh, yes, as truth moves in the ego built on fear and doubt leaves the scene.

Try to keep this metaphysical principle in mind from the Course in Miracles:

  • “Healing is a sign that you want to make whole. And this willingness opens your ears to the Voice of the Holy Spirit, Whose message is wholeness.”

You can transform your images of specialness, special people, places and things that might sink you lower.

I mean to where you appreciate them for their purpose to your real cause. Can we say to appreciate is to move forward?

This is how you create your world within an unreal world. You do so by bringing it to the front of your vision.

The unreal world quietly fades away just by your power for change.

By appreciation, what you want to see will then rings true about what someone one said: “The world is your oyster.”

Having the World You Truly Want to See

You will want to incorporate into your thoughts a new idea. One that you’re not trapped or imprisoned in the world you see.

Sure, only because you have the power to change its cause.

At Halloween time we may visit a haunted house for the occasion and for the fun of the fantasy fear offers.

But of course we know it’s not real when a ghost jumps out as we turn a corner or enter another room.

When the charade is over you’ve left the unreal fear behind, and moved forward to your realness. 

The change requires, first, that the cause you already made must be identified. Likewise, then, you can let go so that you may replace it.

To change the world’s cause, which you’ve been buying into, will require your simple cooperation. Of course, with some effort, but its effects will follow effortlessly.

Try to institute a daily regimen that will be easy and will appreciate as time goes by.

As you look about yourself throughout each day, try an exercise whenever you notice angry judgmental type thoughts in yourself.

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Simply and clearly, without hesitation, say to yourself the following words, for now.

Then later on as you get more comfortable with this and it becomes a part of your daily routine, feel free to incorporate your own style in doing so.

  • I’m escaping from the world I see by giving up these fear based types of thought.

Be certain to hold each fearful thought which is really and attack thought, in your mind. Yes, and look at it for the illusion it is as you are saying these words.

Then let it go by moving on to the next thought.

You will both want to look at it and move on with a similar attitude, or frame of mind. Just, as you would with your child who you know is telling a lie.

Look at the illusive thought with authority, but show no emotion and do not dwell on it.

By dwelling on it gives the ego-based mind just enough time to raise defense. Look at it, let it go, and move on.

Any defense brings you right back into the ego’s vicious circle, pointing the finger of blame, or even “flipping” the finger in offense.

You must drop it quickly by leaving it behind and start seeing the world you truly want to see.

You’ll want to let go of your own thoughts of attack and your perception of attack thoughts toward you.

That’s because the effects of both are exactly the same.

Keep in mind here, that what you are doing is clearly identifying the cause of the world you never truly wanted.

You’re bringing it to your true Divine Light, without judging it and letting it peacefully fade away.

This is why I asked you to not give any emotion to the process.

Once you have asked yourself why thoughts of fear lead to attack and thoughts of being attacked are not different, you’ll see change.

Just as well you can truthfully answer while letting go of them, then you’re on your way. You will be ready to cancel the untrue cause you made for this world.

It is what has been holding you back when you’re desperately trying to move on in life.

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To uncovering your power for change,

James Nussbaumer

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