How to Move Forward in Life Now by Releasing Self Limiting Beliefs and False Ideas

Perhaps you are troubled over how to move forward in life and let go of self limiting beliefs that are strangling you.

Possibly you’re caught up in life and do indeed realize you need to begin changing limiting beliefs.

Do you think to yourself often that all you are doing is beating a dead horse to get the life you want?

You’re placing forth a whole lot of gumption and initiative, yet you still feel something is holding you back in life.

Keep in mind as you read along this spiritual metaphysical principle from the text of A Course in Miracles:

  • “The journey we undertake together is the exchange of dark for light, of ignorance for understanding. Nothing you understand is fearful. It is only in darkness and in ignorance that you perceive the frightening…”

If you have no concept because of fears just how to move forward in life by letting go of false ideas then keep reading.

What I truly mean is if that defines you, then consider doing some restructuring of your self limiting beliefs.

Releasing False Ideas

The conflict of false ideas and self-limiting beliefs will fade once it is brought to the truth.

Conflict is the spin zone around illusion keeping you from learning how to move forward in life.

It seems to be real when you believe there is more than one degree of, or any degree of, a particular kind of truth.

With this, you are always questioning yourself with what you cannot answer.But ask yourself how one truth can be more powerful than another?

With a truthful answer, how can you really fear anything? By answering is how to move forward in life and achieve your truthful goals.

We wish to think that the more powerful a particular truth can be, might make less powerful truths vanish.

Is there any such thing as a weaker truth?

Let’s be real and see how ridiculous all this is.

Throughout history, for example, religions have been behind wars for the rights over particular land ownership.

It was was believed to be “God’s land” allocated for a specific faith of a group of individuals.

Can there be any truth to God owning land?

When operating from wannabe truths we always are on the lookout for a choice between untruths, or illusions.

One illusion will be the conqueror that we wish to be real. Therefore, so we will give it a kind of truthful appearance.

The other, or any others, will be the defeated. Likewise, then despised for the degrees of falsity or wrongfulness labeled to it.

Your innocence is not involved here, or remembered. But it is the one truth that is at peace and of a quiet mind.

There is no other.

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No illusion can obstruct you from how to move forward in life. 

That’s because it is of your innocence from behind all projected images.

So why do you need the conflict of false ideas and self-limiting beliefs? We think it resolves a matter by assigning or awarding a winner.

This is so with the decisions you are hard faced with. Let’s, say, with a particular indecisive turn to take for how to move forward in life.

Perhaps in your career or personal life.

In any situation where we’re involved with the conflict of self-limiting beliefs we can  remedy it. Yes, by bringing forward truth.

Only then will the illusion of conflict fade within you.

The you behind the body’s projected image is at Home with your Source, and this is no illusion.

You are as true as life can ever be.

As well the illusion of conflict only takes away from your belief in yourself. Doing so by attaching yourself to the unreal.

You that are real cannot be unreal, and this is why you depend on the ego. It really gets you nothing, and anything that seems to be a gain eventually fades, too.

This is why “you can’t take it with you” once your body is gone. The gains are only the ego’s false hopes of ever becoming a reality.

The stillness and quietness of your calm mind is what successful people who have lived learn to grasp.

It’s the certainty of God and of yourself. It is the Oneness that gives you a life of completeness.

It will take you in the effortless direction that is right for you. This is where you experience your true free will and how to move forward in life.

What do I mean by a “quiet mind”?

It’s that place in you that operates with minimal ego chatter. The ego with its foundation of fear and doubt and other false ideas has no control here.

The ego-based mind is only backstage static that does not penetrate the real show.

Any doubts you have about his even right now as you read this article, indicates ego chatter. Likewise is conflict getting in the way of your true free will.

You must release the false ideas about yourself, and the ideas of fear and doubt and self-limiting beliefs will fade away.

You cannot be limited when you are at-one with your Source.

To think that you are limited to create the life you want is saying the same about God. 

Illusion and fantasy is what you see as false ideas and you need to start changing limited beliefs so you can move forward in life.

This has no place within you because you are where love abides; and love protects you from everything unreal.

How is this you may ask?

Because limitations on yourself is only in the image you project outside of the real. Since nothing real is outside of love, how can the unreal hold you back in life?

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To moving forward in life,

James Nussbaumer

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