Common Struggles in Life Overcome with Different Fears and Phobia Help

It’s not likely you’ll be effective at overcoming common struggles in life if you attempt to heal all your conflicts at once.

You are better off to deal with different fears that lead to many conflicts and even your struggle to success one at a time.

As well different fears and phobias dealt with at the exact same time can leave you disabled.

Yes, I mean when it comes to determining what to do for fear and phobia help.

Keep in mid as read on this spiritual metaphysical principle from A Course in Miracles:

  • “You do not recognize the enormous waste of energy you expend in denying truth.” 

It is essential to focus on which order to resolve your common struggles in life and let go of them one by one. 

It’s most likely that you’ll continue to be stuck if you really feel bewildered by too much. I mean by all the transformations you require to make.

Typically, individuals desire to shed weight, gave up tobacco and/or alcohol, or whatever holds them back.

It might be to gain even more cash, or relocate to a far better location. Yet, they battle to prioritize what to do.

Like the video below explains, the power of manifestation will provide you rather quickly exactly what you want.

How to bring it into your focus without fear, whether you are speaking of it or observing it.

The body as a means to common struggles in life. 

Conflict, of course, brings on common struggles in life and is between two or more forces.

How could it ever exist between one power that is whole, and the other which is nothingness?

What I mean here in spiritual metaphysical sense, there is nothing in your real self that is not part of you.

By attacking something illusive about yourself, you are merely making two illusions of yourself.

Yes, fantasies that are in conflict with each other.

By doing so you have begun to fragment more ego in yourself.

The ego-based aspect in we humans has a foundation based on fear, doubt, guilt, judgement and the like.

You’ve made room for twice as more conflict. (No need to do the math, the word “twice” was used only to stump your ego.)

You will have multiple conflicts, illusion building on illusion, and rumor after rumor. I believe you get the drift.

(When you’re finished here, this other related article may help about: resistance to change is a regular response geared around our fears and doubts as humans.) 

Do you see the vicious circle the ego lives by?

This will occur anytime you look at what is real with anything but love. Isn’t love “genuine” and “authentic,” too?

So now you might ask how do you know for certain what is real or unreal? This answer is simple.

You’ve been carrying it with you ever since you could remember what reality is.

Just as the light is real and lasting, so are you.

You are true and real, which means you’ll never die.

Your body has been blocking the light of who you truly are.

A Course in Miracles further states: 

  • “Ultimately everyone must remember the Will of God, because ultimately everyone must recognize himself. This recognition is the recognition that his will and God’s are one.”

Likewise, when it no longer functions not even its dust will remain to prevent you from living in the light.

The truth that you are is God’s creation, and is eternal.

Truth never fades away.

With this, can you say that your body is Truth?

No you can’t, because “dust to dust shall it be.” Think about it. At the moment your body takes its last breath of air, how can it project further images?

Meanwhile, you will continue extending yourself.

Conflict and common struggles in life is the birth of different fears. This is why the dream of separate images gave us fear.

The body is all about the struggle to success and anything else in life. It matures only to additional fears, unless you learn how to get phobia help.

How can what is born out of fear be the extension of a creator? It can’t, but it can be made from a projection and take on an image.

This is why it cannot win itself a reality, even with a battle.

In other words, you can’t fight to have something real. Or, raise conflict to make something suddenly become true.

But what you can do for phobia help is to let go of the conflict in yourself first. You do so by realizing your innocence.

Then the conflict and common struggles in life fade.

Why would you fill your world with conflict? You can allow all this insanity to be undone, or reversed, by the Innocence that sustains you.

No matter what, as long as you’re moving in the right direction you will be uncovering a creative attitude. 

One that is all powerful and supporting productive action, and this video below shows  how to manifest your destiny.

This is the Holy Spirit in you giving you phobia help. He is Who will communicate (flow) through you as the Memory of God.

It’s as certain as what is held in your quiet mind, called Christ.

It’s your substance that extends over the unreal. Doing so by replacing the projected images you made and have been living by.

All you need to do is simply tell the Holy Spirit by telling yourself that you are ready.

He will undo all your different fears one at a time, set you free of conflict, and allow you to see yourself as whole.

You might ask, how do you know when you’re realizing yourself as whole?

That’s simple.

It’s when you no longer need to concern yourself with common struggles in life.

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To overcoming what holds you back in life,

James Nussbaumer

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