Feeling Lost and Confused: the Laws of Uncertainty for being Not Happy with Life

Do the dog days of this world with all the stress and anxiety going on got you feeling lost and confused and not happy with life?

Like a beautiful river flowing naturally to the ocean try to do the same when struggling with, ‘Yes I am totally confused, too much’. 

Especially when haunting yourself over what do you want out of life, or not happy with life.

You would certainly never see a river trying to stop itself from the current taking it on its way.

The initial point to consider when you’re really screaming inside, ‘I am so damn confused,’ tell yourself it’s okay.

Give yourself approval to let that area of you thought process called ego, based on fear and doubt, fade away.

Upfront also tell yourself to quit attempting to resolve your issue.

If you’re confused about a relationship which usually leads the way, let things flow for a while.

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When you discover on your own working at worrying over the matter you only make things worse.

Whatever the matter is you make that sensation of feeling lost and confused start to control you. 

Would You Make a Goal of Not Happy with Life?

The fear of God surely is reinforced by a law of feeling lost and confused in life.

Likewise, it makes it impossible to turn to Him for help in times of misery. He seems to have become the enemy.

We tell ourselves He caused the misery, and asking for help is useless. The thought seems to be: “Why is God punishing me?”

Does this sound familiar?

Then you may add, “I’m doomed now without God on my side.”

There’s no escaping it. Freedom of your true free will, inner peace, purpose and passion seem to be some fairy tale.

Or it’s just another false hope or a barrier you build against getting the life you want.

God merely seems to be against you. You’ve tried everything. By furthering this attitude you lean on the ego to support you in times of stress.

A Course in Miracles helps us here with this spiritual metaphysical principle:

  • “The Thought of God surrounds your little kingdom, waiting at the barrier you built to come inside and shine upon the barren ground. See how life springs up everywhere!”

Then more of feeling lost and confused. or the dilemma that has you in a corner.

Maybe you take a few gulps of beer, a glass of wine, a shot of tequila to help your mood. 

Or, maybe it’s the sedative so you can sleep, or the pep pill to help your train of thought.

Then you decide you must “go after it at all cost,” because nothing is going to just simply fall in your lap.

The notion of, “There’s only so much to go around,” becomes you.

Now the ego is taking a good hold on you. It values only what it can take, and it is valuing the fact of your vulnerability.

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This brings us to another law of feeling lost and confused.

Also, this, which if the others are accepted, must be true.

This seeming law is the belief, “What you attain in life is what you go out and grab.”

By this belief, another’s loss becomes your gain. But it fails to realize that you can truly never “take,” except from yourself.

Yet the other laws must breed into this law, because enemies do not give willingly to one another. Nor do they wish to share the things they value.

Likewise, what your enemies would keep from you must be worth having. Otherwise, why would they hide it from your sight?

The madness of feeling lost and confused begins to manipulate. As well, additionally to your own madness you have an enemy that is strong.

It is something you know within you, and it’s real. But you’re afraid of it. You shy to it, and also hide it.

You’re afraid to let it loose and become free. In your pursuit to cover it you find a magic cure to your fear.

It is the final law of feeling lost and confused that you think will give you the security you need. It’s the substitute for love.

You think it’s the answer to all of your problems and to all of your needs. Like perhaps your salvation.

But sooner or later you find it’s not enough.

You’re still not happy with life.

With this thought system, never will others stop their attack against you for what you took from them.

Remember the vicious circle, “What you gain they lose.” This is the world where you strive to seek meaning.

These are the laws of uncertainty and being totally confused by fear, doubt, and guilt, that only leads to poor perceptions.

These laws of uncertainty and confusion become the darkness within you.

They are the laws which your sanity tries to rest on, but it can’t. It must keep struggling and fighting within the vicious circle of ego standards.

A Course in Miracles further states:

  • “You have been told to bring darkness to the light, and guilt to holiness. And you have also been told that error must be corrected at its source.”

All this chaotic questioning of: what do you want out of life rises in you, and it’s really your ego’s laws for a false salvation.

Or, on the other hand, you can learn to let go of ego, for truly “finding yourself.”

By falling victim to these laws brings you more madness, and never living the life you want until you surrender them.

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To living the life you want,

James Nussbaumer

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