Always Listen to Your Heart with Nothing to Hide and Nothing to Fear

Of all, you have to recognize that you must always listen to your heart being how you will live the life you want.

I’ll add that an unskilled heart is typically your worst adversary. And all-the-while a well-experienced core can be your best possession in life.

Deep down, your heart understands what you think and also really feel.

As soon as you start to lead with your heart and nothing to hide nothing to fear, you recognize miracles.

That would mean what genuinely matters to you becomes your life situation.

It just is when you exercise your power of choice to always listen to your heart that you launch your actual wishes to come to fulfillment.

Today individuals assume extremely too little of how to trust your heart. I mean while attempting to prevent paying attention or adhering to what it has to claim.

They usually are reluctant, turn down or neglect the sensations of their passion and purpose in life.

Likewise, they have as well in doing so, deteriorate an essential possession which after that comes to be a foe.

Letting Your Heart Lead The Way

I’ve often wondered about the predictions of Nostradamus. Have you?

Did he have a wild imagination and merely desire attention, or was he actually a keen philosopher?

Or, is it possible along the way some have exploited his ideas and notoriety for profit. I mean, by using the laws of confusion and chaos?

He was a noted physician and astrologer. We must remember that back in those days most people didn’t read or write, and news carried by word of mouth.

We are all aware how hearsay travels, and before you know it wild rumors are everywhere.

Nostradamus predicted a major upheaval to end the world in 1999. Likewise, in his time many pundits and gurus agreed with him.

Yes, promoting apocalyptic scenarios of a boiling hot water, diseased and about to choice itself into oblivion.

Why do so many wish to believe these predictions without question? Are these notions real, or are they a figment of a mass neurosis?

I mean within the laws of keeping people confused, perhaps?

In the fourteenth century, during the time of the Great Plague, the “Black Death” as it was called, killed millions of people in Europe.

The religions warned of the Wrath of God, advising repentance and contrition. And while a group of odd balls took to the street and performed the Dance Macabre.

This consisted of wearing skeleton masks and bouncing around for hours on end screaming, “We’re all gonna die! We’re all gonna die!”

It has been said that “bottom of the barrel wine” accelerated the party.

Some did die, but many did not. Is it possible, exhaustion along with alcohol poisoning may have claimed a few of them? And, for others a terrible flu like hangover?

Today, as I write this, with my own ideas of always listen to your heart over anything you question, we have our own version of the Dance Macabre.

The media is busy selling confusion and chaos in a mad, violent world. Surely, while many believe the anti-Christ is on his way or may already be among us.

Just as well, and that a terrible ending to it all is just around the corner.

We’re being told that global warming and pollution are paralyzing the planet. Also that dolphins and whales are dwindling.

Too, and sexual diseases such as aids will wipe out the known world. Some suggest the internet is a tool for Armageddon.

I’m saying, instead of the internet highway being a tool to always listen to your heart.

Like perhaps, finding a better life.

If we begin to change our internal dialogue by looking at the essence of who we are things change.

Yes, to shine our light onto the face of chaotic, negative aspects. And with a shift to positive expectancy will occur, and the ego fades.

Much about the ego in all of as humans with a foundation of fear and doubt is telling us about life. But the imminent danger we face is not true and is unreal.

How so, you might ask?

Some of you may have already answered this with your absorption of my message so far to this point.

It is the projections of disaster from the mass separated mind. It’s about watching that movie in your mind about things that will never happen.

(Here’s another recommended related article on: why our minds typically appear anxiety filled with recurring fears that learning how to listen to your inner voice may heal.)

We’re always expecting the worst to come along and haunt us.

Again, rather than learning to always listen to your heart.

Eliminating these projected images, or even the negative “maybe’s” is a slow process in the way we realize time.

The ego may have reigned over your mind for a long time, keeping you from how to trust your heart.

But eventually your inner chatter improves itself. You begin to feel a shift more to the right-mind, where the Holy Spirit is guiding you.

A Course in Miracles give us this profound spiritual metaphysical principle:

  • “Bringing the ego to God is but to bring error to truth, where it stands corrected because it is the opposite of what it meets. It is undone because the contradiction can no longer stand.”

Therefore, this will make the ego feel abandoned. Then you will have nothing to hide nothing to fear and always listen to your heart.

Even your interest in my ever-developing book series as well as my articles at my blog  comes from the right-mind.

But wrong-mindedness of the ego will declare my books unbelievable. This means you step into a new and more courageous place through the right-mind.

You do this by accepting the truth in all you do and always listen to your heart.

You won’t be afraid to go against what “they” say may “harm you.”

Rather, you embrace your spirit and create a spiritual cocoon that makes you feel safe. Certainly, and others as well, will feel this way when around you.

But somewhere along the way you will have to lose the self you made. You must surrender to honest reality, and you’ll rediscover yourself again.

This can happen in an instant for some.

Yet for others the time necessary is truly up to the severity of their confidence and commitment to do so.

This can occur by continuing to move forward with your heart leading the way, regardless of what others suggest or have in mind for you.

You must find that there is nothing to fear.


Just how can you in fact always listen to your heart with nothing to hide nothing to fear, you could be asking?

This would certainly be an impression that you live by the truth within you instead of illusion.

The idea of a fearful world stimulates more fear and chaos occurs; however chaos is meaninglessness where truth is concerned.

That’s due to the fact absolutely nothing can exist without truth, and truth has no chaos or confusion.

If you’re being straightforward and always listen to your heart you can recognize that confusion was given to you by the world.

When you are disturbed for whatever factor, despite, state, a “confused and chaotic world,” you’re hanging onto a deficiency way of thinking.

It is essential to deal with a significant distortion a lot of us have.

You think that trusting your heart might be defeated by your fears. Therefore, that’s why when you have nothing to hide you will have nothing to fear.

(Here’s a suggested related article on: when our Higher Awareness encourages us, how to stop fear is not so difficult.) 

To trusting your heart,

James Nussbaumer

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