Feeling Puzzled Sad and Confused: How to Keep Calm Fast under Chaos

When you are feeling puzzled about what’s going on in your life and chaos seems all there is, let’s learn how to keep calm

Surely sounds easier than actually doing so, and this is why you need to trust your inner divine Guide.

Your inner critic–the ego in us all as humans, is an illusive part of your mind causing the problems.

I mean this false idea of who we think we are is built on a foundation of fear and doubt, sad and confused. And, will hound you on making drastic decisions.

Keep in mind this spiritual metaphysical principle from deep in the text of A Course in Miracles:

  • “The ego may seem good, but never only good. That is why its perceptions are so variable.

It really feels immediate and true that you cause more chaos in defense, yet it’s not true.

The means I discovered to trust my inner Guide which the Course in Miracles terms, the Holy Spirit of God.

Yes, I can say, my internal GENERAL PRACTITIONER, if you will, to tell me what to rather do.

In many cases the Holy Spirit’s suggestion might be, “doing NOTHING,” but let the storm pass!

I see what occurs if I ask within and listen quietly for what to do next when feeling puzzled. 

Being confused about life and/or creating chaos originates from the ego-based mind. However the ego that is fueled by fear is not accountable of deciding in my life.

I must take care of my mind even through stages of being sad and confused about life. I need to seek, learn, and to share what I recognize.

Sure, once I have sufficient information, I loosen up.

The mind is a divinely wonderful device for expedition and also interaction. When you attempt to order it to do something against your true free will, feeling puzzled strikes.

I’m saying, when you operate against your truest naturalness, you finish up perplexed.

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Who Has Programmed Your Direction?

The late Abraham Maslow, who spearheaded humanistic psychology, had been a visionary who inspired many individuals during his lifetime.

His earliest memories he shared in the biography of his life: The Right To Be Human, by Edward Hoffman.

I found this book torn and battered and yellowed from nicotine while I was in prison for those 8 long years.

It was buried in a heap of what’s called the prison library, and I couldn’t put it down.

Dating back to Maslow’s pre-school years, memories of his mother and her cruel treatment toward him were not pleasant.

She was a superstitious woman who often severely disciplined the boy. And I mean for mirror misbehaviors by threatening him with God’s relentless punishment.

Decades later he recalled such admonitions.

He said that he tested the various things out that she warned him of and frightened him over.

He would do research at the age of four or five, considering various notions about things she haunted him with.

She would tell him, “God will strike you dead.” Even at that age he wondered – “What is the worst that could happen?”

The young Maslow tested these things and God didn’t strike him.

He recalled one test when he was feeling puzzled about his childhood.

His mother told him if he climbed out the window, he wouldn’t grow. So he climbed through the window over and over, then would check his growth…

And so it went down the line while still feeling puzzled.

From such youthful forays into the world of scientific, behavioral exploration, the eager Maslow developed a mistrust of religion.

Highlighting his mothers’ rather unintentional, but inverse influence in his regard, he commented: “To me as a child… superstition and religion, it was all the same.

“I learned from her wicked ways, certainly not to place my own thought in its hands.”

In his career as a pioneer in personal development he discovered that the chaos’ in our lives are of all the wannabe truths.

These confusions are complete falsities passed on to us by previous generations.

It is the same process of which former U.S. President Herbert Hoover called, “sustaining the moral of the people.”

The function is to bend public expression in a programmed direction away from true potential.

Yet, while covering the real facts of human possibility with side issues that distract the populace.

Please keep in mind the point here is only that we recognize the ego’s false self of identity. Likewise, that fear is something we project out of illusory ego-based thoughts.

This is what tries so hard to be the driving force in religious politics, the media, and more. And, along with individual complacency.

In other words, because of fear we’re quick to buy into it.  

We fear and get confused about life toward our highest possibilities.

We’re generally afraid to become that of which we can glimpse beyond what we think are the body’s limits.

We enjoy and even thrill to the God like possibilities we see in ourselves when we do have peak moments.

Yet we simultaneously shiver with weakness, awe and fear before the same possibilities. It’s as though we go along with chaos, so to, avoid it further.

The programmed direction seems to be of thoughts like, “I’ve got enough chaos in my life as it is.” This is a severe delusion.

With this understanding would you ever accept the fact you may live a life of feeling puzzled.

I mean by illusion, or simply put, madness?

Jokingly perhaps, you may admit to this. But I’m really speaking of how we’re taught to lie in this world by the generations who preceded us.

The fact remains, most of us wouldn’t even want to associate with madness. Especially if we recognized it for what it is.

What maintains madness and keeps it seemingly real is a belief that it is real; and why we get sad and confused.

It is the function of insanity to take the place of truth, or the real world. The problem lies in our wishing something to be true, and then believing it exists.

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To learning how to keep calm under chaos,

James Nussbaumer

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