Feeling Lost and Alone – Going Beyond these Life Challenges

We have all had times where feeling lost and alone seems to rule us. I mean those times when we cry inside saying, ‘I feel lost and depressed.’ But many of these times we are reviewing errors in life, trying to see a newer path, perhaps looking closely at poor decisions and what went wrong.

It’s healing to open your mind and face these wounds for what they are, instead of berating ourselves over these confused feelings and life challenges.

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It is certainly true that we won’t begin to feel better until we recognize this crash.

I describe in my first book of the ever-developing series, The Master of Everything: A Story of Mankind and the World of Illusion We Call Life, feeling lost and alone and some of my experiences of prison life.

But many of them I’ll never mention to anyone, only because they really don’t matter.

I describe what feeling lost and alone is like and from it in order to heal I’d experienced an “undoing” of old patterns of thinking, which has been a transformation initiated, and then guided by, a part of me that eternally lives.

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The process for overcoming feeling lost and alone necessarily required this stripping away in order to bring on the new patterns, which are truly of who am I.

When you’re Feeling Lost and Confused

I began an inward journey that tells me it will continue, because it’s taking me where I must go.

I will note that going inward to rise above, is a state of mind practice, habits of successful people who have ever walked this earth.

It’s a journey about not only who am I, but also what am I. I can tell you it is peaceful, blissful, and exciting.

And I can tell you the same process for healing and overcoming feeling lost and alone is available to you, regardless of your circumstances.

This is why I so strongly suggest, if you have not already, to seek and learn how to do mindfulness meditation, getting to that reflective state of mind deep within where your calmness sits.

I remember sitting there in that stinking cell, moving quickly to the depths of my mind, without realizing how deep I was going.

This experience of feeling lost and alone and imprisoned was definitely more than just what I’d been cautioned it might be; many would say shock.

I heard one guard telling another guard that I must be in shock when I wouldn’t answer any of their questions.

The Course in Miracles teaches that, “As you look with open eyes upon your world, it must occur to you that you have withdrawn into insanity.”

Are there times when you say I feel lost and depressed?

Something was directing me to go deep, where a feeling or sensation welcomed me by telling me I no longer needed to be feeling lost and confused. I almost felt like a child again.

It was that feeling of being cradled and told that I’d soon go beyond feeling lost in life, and that everything would be okay.

The Course in Miracles has this principle for healing when feeling lost in life: “Beyond the darkness, and yet still within you, is the vision of Christ, Who looks on all in light.

I also know that I had no choice but to accept the embrace.

I realized in the weeks and months ahead inside these block walls and steel bars that what had embraced me was my own true strength.

It was as if I were being waved on inside of me to join in, but I still had to go deeper where something was waiting to greet me.

The sensation was mysterious and encouraging, as though whatever was waiting had been hidden away for all those years of my life.

Letting the Light Shine when Feeling Lost in Life

When I’d mutter to myself things like, ‘I feel lost and depressed,’ physically I was very weak, but a glimmer of light broke through and this inner place that had been obscured for so long I’d realize was really my long-lost home.

The Course in Miracles states, “Vision depends on light. You cannot see in darkness.”

Remember, when we allow feeling lost and confused to go ahead and be like a wrecking ball in the night to our world, then we may rebuild a new world by our true light.

We can see more clearly when we question: who am I, and what am I?, without self-doubt, and move forward with increased inner strength.

What I discovered is that the more I opened my mind to see without judgment the source of feeling lost, those darkened thoughts faded away.

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To the Light of Who you are,

James Nussbaumer

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