Abundance Mindset for Loving Relationships and Finding Happiness

Any holy relationship certainly is loving, and we are open to it from an abundance mindset which is a creation blessed with every holy instant—a term the Course in Miracles uses for the now.

Bringing forth the abundance within you brings the relationship together, resulting in many others joining the Atonement. 

How so? you ask. 

Because the thoughts of atonement—which is the process for awakening to our real Home, are ideas that extend inward by an abundance mindset to reach the minds of others. 

But do we actually plan this out?

Of course not. 

It is because God’s Will wants us to reach an abundance mindset, and this is why I always suggest learning how to do mindfulness meditation

The means to the whole process belong to Him and are not our doing individually; but we are at-one with it. 

(Good friends told me about how to be happy in marriage and their happy relationship so I thought I’d write more about it in this article.) 

Once you accept the life of purpose that is your free will, and with your abundance thinking He will with certainty provide the means necessary through your abundance mindset. 

The means will always be provided for anyone who shares in His Will.

His Will gives us happy dreams of love that come true because they’ve always been true.  You’ve had an abundance mindset blocked by guilt. 

And, if you’re in a relationship that is lacking love or healing is needed, the very thought itself that help is needed is an abundant thought that wants to let go of the scarcity mindset. If so, I suggest this for relationship healing.

The message is that of naturalness, rather than being urged or forced into place. 

Of course the alignment of abundance thinking and means to purpose is a Divine undertaking we find difficult to understand, much as we are not able to dissect naturalness, but do know that it is what it is. 

It is Truth.

Abundance Thinking

Often we don’t even realize we have accepted the Holy Spirit’s purpose as our own, and usually wind up bringing unnatural, or unholy, means to gain its accomplishment. 

This is where the errors arrive onto the scene, which the Holy Spirit—our inner divine Guide while we dream of life in this world, will undo. 

This type of undoing, or, abundant thinking, is of the habits of successful people all over the world who have ever lived.

To atone means to undo. Yes, the atonement means the undoing of what never was.

The faith in your naturalness—your abundance mindset, is all that is necessary to receive the means and use them for living out your true free will, a life of purpose, while we dream of time, space and material form.

To love yourself, as well as to love your brothers/sisters, is the Oneness of the entire whole Child of God and is not of the dream. 

It’s not fantasy, is natural, and has nothing to do with the body.  But it will reflect through the body as the dream plays out. 

Your holy relationships are as natural as you loving your brother, sister, and yourself.  This is so because love is one, and oneness is real.

Our special relationships are those defined by material form and formed in the dream, but of course can often develop into holy relationships. 

Many times they do not. 

The Holy Relationship

Yet even when the special relationship does not become holy, it is used by the Holy Spirit, Who has a special purpose for it that you may never become aware of.     

Just stop and think about how many times that loving relationship you had was the result of a temporary, non-lasting relationship of the past, that lead to abundance and finding happiness in your life. 

The Holy Spirit may directly or indirectly make happy dreams from that once-special relationship that never amounted to much. 

These happy dreams spread joy to others, who believe that love is fear, and not happiness. 

Allow Him to fulfill the function He gave to your relationship by accepting it for you, in an instant, and nothing will be deprived that would make it what it is not intended to be.

The Course in Miracles states, “The holy relationship is the expression of the holy instant living in this world.”

Letting Go of a Scarcity Mindset

If you feel the naturalness of a relationship being threatened for any impure thought ,or, scarcity mindset, that may come along, however, stop for an instant and release that thought to the Holy Spirit. 

All you need to do is show the Holy Spirit your willingness for an abundance mindset, in spite of any fear, and invite Him to exchange the unnatural instant for the holy instant you would rather have.

By the way here’s an article on how to heal the broken relationship in 2 brave yet easy action taking steps:

Course in Miracles further teaches us that, “The invitation is accepted immediately, and the Holy Spirit wastes no time in introducing the practical results of asking Him to enter. At once His goal replaces yours.”

Don’t forget that your holy relationships are of Oneness, and impure, scarcity thoughts are an antic of the ego, trying to agitate the Oneness you have knowledge of. 

That’s all it is—so relax by having the abundance mindset that whatever threatens the peace of one of you, the other can cast out.

Living a Life of Purpose

Your naturalness will cause the unholy aspects of the dream of life you truly don’t want to simply fade away, and you will bring forth what you do want as a life of purpose.

The power of mind in your understanding of this, which is Christ consciousness, is a blessing you have given to all of your relationships without your ever realizing it. 

With this, you or your spouse, child, parent, friend, and all others you encounter will not experience fear alone, or attempt to deal with it alone. 

The fact that you understand what your brother/sister is dealing with means he/she is not alone. 

This is what others have shown me in my lifetime here in this world, and is the means given me to extend on to you the love and peace of the wholeness of humanity, awakened from the dream of separation, which is the Christ Mind.

At one time, my own understanding of an abundance mindset faced questioning thoughts and challenges

But in a holy instant, an urging went through me to ask for answers.  It was in another holy instant when I was answered; and then I was aware of my Abundance.

(Please note, if you want to learn more about the holy relationship I suggest this related article about the Course in Miracles and spiritual metaphysics.)

To abundant thinking and loving relationships,

James Nussbaumer

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