A Life Challenge to End Living in Chaos when Crying Make my Life Better

For far too numerous people, a life challenge can just be summed up by one word: living in chaos.

The term, a chaotic life, is “full of complication and also condition.” It is something that has actually ended up being commonplace in our lives.

From handling as well as managing your challenges in life, residence, job, partnerships, financial areas.

Yet, too, health and wellness, tasks, as well as every little thing in between, life can definitely be referred to as, living in chaos. 

This is when you feel guilty, but do not understand what your guilt feelings are coming from.

I want to also share this principle from A Course in Miracles as you read on:

  • “Guilt makes you blind, for a while you see one spot of guilt within you, you will not see the light. And by projecting it the world seems dark, and shrouded in your guilt.”

Exactly how do you go beyond a life challenge to climb above as well as arrange that very same turmoil that appears to unleash mayhem on your life?

Is it also feasible to stop being afraid of loss?

Well, it’s most definitely feasible.

However challenges in life to accomplished to answering to thoughts of make my life better, will certainly take some understanding.

Okay, I mean and also constant initiative on your own commitment to arrange your life.

Yes, I am saying, right into something that’s much less compared to an unforeseeable science project.

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A Life Challenge at Addressing Living in Chaos 

 Consider just for a moment that madness is not madness, and it is real and true. If this were so, then it’s opposite, Truth, must be madness.

Does Truth have a reason to be mad? Our self-made projections have completely flipped this around. Or, reversed truth where we live in chaos.

We see the images we project of ourselves as being completely sane; illusion in the world as being true.

Then, attack as a type of kindness (ie; for their own good), hatred as love (ie; the love-hate relationship).

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And all this becomes the goal of living in chaos.

Our dreaming, separated state has reversed the laws of God with the use of a separated thought system.

As we project outward reflections of our thoughts we see them in reverse. You can realize this by looking into a mirror.

What you see is a reversed image of yourself. We don’t realize these reversals, therefore, they don’t seem to be the goals of a chaotic life.

Rather, they seem to be the laws of order in a world. I’m saying where we all work toward gaining and achieving.

However, chaos inside of Truth makes a life challenge impossible. A chaotic life doesn’t have any laws and is why it is chaotic.

In order for it to be believed, its seeming laws must be perceived by us as real. The goal of these perceived laws is madness, and is seen as sanity.

This is so, when chaos, like a beast, wishes to raise its ugly head in our thinking when up against a life challenge.

Then, we live by the rule, “for every winner there must be a loser.”

No one wants to lose, so fears spur on more fears. Only replacing love and projecting images of an eventual death.

Why Do We Believe in the Laws of Chaos?

A shadow may seem to project an image of something blocked from light. But it’s no more real than characters in a dream.

Our dreams seem to be real, that is, until we awaken and realize that shadows play the roles.

The laws of living in chaos are like dreams. It’s where their beliefs are always on the emphasis of form, and a total disregard for its content.

But if you believe that a life challenge is governed by these laws is true, then you are not seeing what it says.

As any particular one of these laws of living in chaos hold us back in life.

It’s what projects itself, it may seem to take on a form that only seems to have meaning. But they truly make no sense, and you indeed know so.

For example, how can a substitute for love be love?

Can condemnation also be a blessing?

Who can find safety from attack by turning on himself?

Does it really matter what form the madness takes?

This is merely judgement that defeats itself, condemning what it wishes to save. But don’t be deceived when madness takes on a form you think is lovely.

Whatever intends to hate you as a life challenge appears to love you, is not your friend.

Your ego, your imaginary, insane friend that helps you project these images of the unreal, helps you to live within the laws of chaotic nonsense.

I’m saying the “beast” itself.

Of course you’ll probably think it to be true that you do not buy into these senseless laws. Nor would you act upon them.

But let me say, that you surely do believe in them. But you do so without certainty. Just ask yourself a few simple questions.

Why are you afraid of loss” And so fearful of death? 

Could it be because you believe in these forms so strongly they’ve become you?

But let’s look at the reversal here. The truth is that you do not believe in these forms, but your ego does.

Okay. Look at it this way:

Can you put rosy lipstick, eye shadow and rouge on a skeleton and spray perfume on it; then dress it in a lovely evening gown, pamper it, and take it dancing?

If you could do this, would you really believe it has life?

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To making your life better,

James Nussbaumer

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