Life Issues Overcome Now: A Better Life Podcast on Real Psychic Power

Specifically in these difficult and unclear times with so many life issues, establishing clear goals and objectives as well as fine-tuning your purpose in life will make it a lot easier to overcome adversity.

Exactly what really are the life issues and the life difficulties that seem to keep you from a life of purpose and passion?

Letting go of and forgiving life issues, I mean ridding life problems from your mind.

You know the difficulties that get you in the dumps.

So rather, searching for and clarifying your core life objectives can help you shift forward with higher emphasis and quality each day of your life.

This is why I’ve posted this for A Better Life Podcast below, and also to YouTube, so you will note it’s how the world’s most highly effective people act like a success and think like a success.



Is there some sort of purpose in life and a severe passion you are not moving or shifting your mind toward?

Let’s take all this thought about life issues and life difficulties and not knowing your purpose in life into the realm of your true Reality, and true essence by asking yourself two questions:

  • If your Creator is ‘just,’ can there be any problems at all that justice can not solve?
  • Next, do you believe that some injustices are good and fair– necessary to preserve and protect yourself?

Isn’t this what we are doing when we drop bombs on other lands, but tell ourselves that we try our best to minimize the death toll of the innocent?.

Isn’t this what we did when we took land from the Native Americans, because, “If we didn’t, someone else would have”?

After you’ve reviewed this for A Better Life Podcast and article consider when you’re feeling depressed and stuck how to set yourself free from self-imprisonment.

These are the problems that we think are life issues and so far out of reach from healing and overcoming adversity that can not be resolved.

Isn’t this what we do when we spank our child and say, “This will hurt me more that it hurts you”?

It seems there are those we want to see suffer life issues and loss, and no one we wish to see being preserved from sacrifice entirely.

Isn’t other peoples’ “dirty laundry” what we like to see, especially when it is someone we feel is more successful than us, such as the problems of pro athletes and movie stars that clutter the media?.

When they are exposed, doesn’t this give us a sense of safety?

And do not ask that your sister/brother to make sacrifices, because you do not want him to suffer loss.

If you can’t rise above life issues, you are only seeing a body for those you encounter, and therefore must only see your own.

If this is so, you are lacking the sight of truth about what are your real life issues, and how to get over your real daily life problems .

Sin is only the same illusion as the error in thought that made the illusion.

A Course in Miracles asks us to consider our special function and purpose. “It’s a function and purpose in life that is given to you to see in your brother/sister her perfect sinless Identity–only errors, that’s all, no sin.”.

The gifts of Holy Spirit–or we may say your inner divine Self, are psychic powers instilled in you to not be content until it is received by you, and errors in thought are corrected.

When you ask this of the Holy Spirit, like, your daily life problems being UNDONE, it means to Him that you are giving yourself for your purpose in life,

And, which is all so very important, by your giving it, He can ensure that everyone receives it equally.

You are just holding it back and are afraid.

Ask the Holy Spirit to help you “See another way of looking at the world.” Just by asking you are willing to see the truth, and on your way to your purpose.

A Course in Miracles has helped me to see that what we are doing by asking is calling out for the miracle of justice, to heal us, as surely as our brother/sister.

Errors in thought are easily corrected.

What is psychic power other than the natural power of your mind?

What once seemed to be big life difficulties, errors in thought without a remedy, or an affliction without a cure, has been transformed into a Universal Blessing, your purpose in life.

You will not keep a single problem, because that pain is not part of your function.

Here’s how to resolve conflict and overcome adversity by understanding the illusion it really it is:

“Sacrifice is gone, and in its place is your knowledge and acceptance of the truth.”

This is why I strongly suggest you learn breathing meditation exercises, to help you be aligned with your inner Essence.

Now that you have absorbed that truth in you, think how great your own release will be when you are willing to receive undoing for all your life difficulties.

All of them are little in His sight, and are worth no more than just a little sigh before they disappear to be forever undone and unremembered.

You will not want it, you will no longer seem to own it, and will see every little hurt and life difficulties resolved by the Holy Spirit.

(Please note I also suggest this related article I’d written some while back on ways to change your life uncovered by the power of your subconscious mind.)

To overcoming adversity,

James Nussbaumer

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