Key to Success and Overcoming Fear of Failure for Life Fulfillment: A Better Life Podcast included

Having the key to success is everybody’s dream. When defining the way to success we should measure success based on how much we give rather than how much we receive.

That vision serves not just as an ongoing source of motivation.

Yes, to find the way to success and get there, it helps you identify and begin overcoming fear of failure.

I mean, that which has held you back from owning the key to success until now.

If you’re like most people, the way to success is blocked by the fear of achieving the very things you want.

And overcoming fear of failure can be difficult.

Below I’ve included a recent session of A Better Life Podcast where we explore the miracle together for life fulfillment. Likewise a way to success and finding happiness.

But can also be easy to let go of it if you are willing to accept the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

In book 1 of the series we dive deep here…We are all of the Thought of God. 

Therefore we are entitled to the miracle of the key to success and life fulfillment. Of course we are, and regardless of what we think or what the ego tells us. 

It’s how the world’s happiest and most successful people think!

The ego—that fearful and judgmental aspect in us that is filled with doubt, doesn’t understand the miracle.

That’s because this part of our “thinking” mind can only understand what is man-made. 

Anything that is man-made cannot be one with God. 

The truth within us is the One Thought of God.

This is where His Ideas come from, and which is what we are.  

In book 2 of the series readers get more comfortable with the idea…The Holy Spirit is the communication aspect, and this is also who we are and how we maximize our potential. 

Therefore, within this Oneness, which is our Divinity, He will undo the falsehood of our ego-based thoughts.

The thoughts keeping the key to success from us, and instead causing the miracle to take the intended path for the way to success. 

Our journey to spiritual freedom is all in the undoing of all errors of the wrong-minded perceptions we taught ourselves.

Thus, our understanding of miracles and the key to success can never lie in our illusions about ourselves. 

There are no magical powers we need to develop for the key to success, nor any rituals to devise. 

It is inherent in the truth of what we are. 

A Course in Miracles teaches us that…The miracle is guaranteed by the laws of God.  We are entitled to miracles and the key to success.

As an exercise, use this whenever a situation arises in which a miracle—gifts of the Holy Spirit is called for to rid yourself of untruths and gaining access to the key to success.

Here is the EXERCISE:

  • Close your eyes and remind yourself that you are asking for way to success which is only what is rightfully yours. 

Be sure to first silence the ego, as it is not welcome here. 

You can do this by acknowledging its presence as only illusion and obscuring your light from the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit will undo all that has been in the way and will grant your request.

To begin opening your mind to the gifts of the Holy Spirit—the miracle that is yours take some quiet time on a regular basis with the following exercise as a meditation or prayer:

Say to yourself with no doubting or fearful ego-based involvement:

  • I am entitled to miracles. I will not trade miracles for self-taught ways of living.

As you practice opening up to the gifts of the Holy Spirit regularly, or whenever you feel as much as an inkling of false feelings or thoughts keeping you from overcoming fear of failure, you will be gaining control and power with your own thoughts. 

This way to success in itself is the miracle.

Here’s a related article on how to find your true calling by having a positive attitude:

To owning the key to success,

James Nussbaumer


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