What Peace means is not having to Define Peace while Finding Happiness: A Better Life Podcast included

What peace means is that all of your happiness lies in God’s happiness for you, which is yours. 

But to accomplish this, you already know that you must bring all the dark lessons you taught yourself to the truth. 

You must face truth with your lessons of what peace means, and you surely do know what these lessons are. 

It’s why if you’re not already doing so, it is highly suggested to regularly practice mindfulness meditation techniques.

In my first book of the series we said…This will prove to yourself that you no longer need to define peace.

Yes, and you will no longer want the false.

Likewise, will gladly exchange each falsehood for the bright lessons you were intended to receive. 

Your first lesson of what peace means is already accomplished as you bring out your self-taught lessons for truth to see. 

This sets you on your way to miracle mindedness and spiritual freedom.

Below is a previous session of A Better Life Podcast that discusses the miracle in your life through peace of mind.

You might be asking yourself what these false lessons are.

Or perhaps you are worrying that you don’t know or cannot feel anything deep within. 

This is okay when you don’t have to define peace. I’ts because the fact that you do not know or feel confused tells you they are there. 

What’s happening here is that you are still sorting out the untrue. Certainly it may take some more sorting, which is fine. 

A Course in Miracles says this is when…The process of undoing has started for you. 

It’s how many successful individuals on the planet operate and think! 

But what you do not want to do is continue to add additional false lessons to the pile, or you will keep asking and wondering what peace means.

There is one test you can take with yourself, as sure as God, by which you will recognize if what you feel you are learning is true or not. 

If you are wholly free of fear of any kind, and if all of those who meet you, or even think of you, share in your perfect peace, you can then be sure you have learned God’s Lesson, and nothing promoted by the ego.

We all are going to have dark areas in our mind from time to time, as the ego continues to try and teach. 

But just as with my friend Bill who didn’t need to boast about being a doctor, where there are no dark areas he allows to hurt or hinder him, everyone around him sees his true light. 

Bill knows what peace means, and also of the ego’s presence, and also knows that by his asking, the Holy Spirit will instantly step in to do some quick undoing.

A Course in Miracles adds that…The absence of peace or confuse about what peace means in any of us means but one thing: 

You think that you do not have the same will that God Wills for you. 

For every dark lesson the Holy Spirit replaces with a corrected one, and that you accept, you begin to see God’s Will as your own free will. 

This is why Bill has a thriving medical practice with patients who adore him.

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To what peace means,

James Nussbaumer

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