Sometimes You Have to Let Go for Power of Mind and to Access your Inner Energy: A Better Life Podcast included

Sometimes you have to let go, and then decide that the importance of learning is to accept the fact that you don’t know? 

Often this is where your inner energy sits.  A Course in Miracles tells us: “Knowledge is power, its power of mind and all power is of God.”

Letting go of what chains you and has you captive can quite successfully be achieved. Yes, through regular mindfulness meditation practice.

If you’re not meditating I encourage here to do so.

Have you ever known an individual who seems to always have the answers to everything? I mean, including how to fix your problems? 

We all have run into this “know-it-all” somewhere along the line.

That is until, sooner or later, someone who knows better reveals the know-it-all’s expertise to be not so expert. And he loses his power.    

In book 1 of the series we really dive in here…Everything we try to teach ourselves makes our own power more and more difficult to truly see. 

In many cases we end up finding that what we know is not the real knowledge we thought we had. Thereby, sometimes you have to let go. 

Letting go is important to rid wrong-minded thoughts trying desperately to sink in. That’s the topic of the session below of A Better Life Podcast.

We sense this as well, and can give is inner energy just by letting go. 

We may also end up lacking inner energy and power of mind while making a show of strength that fails us.  However, can we gain knowledge from what is false? 

A Course in Miracles adds that, “What stands between us and the power of God is our learning of the false, and the ego’s attempts to change truth into falsity.”

Sometimes you have to let go. I mean let all the false in you go, and be glad that you are no longer bound by it. This is your power of mind.

This is how you can learn not to imprison yourself by trying to be something you are not, and have a higher degree of inner energy.

Yes, I mean breaking free of the chains that imprison you and experiencing maximum potential.

Can God learn to be something else? 

If you are of the Thought of God, then how can you be anything else? 

When you answer that truly, you are given all power of mind by Him to be yourself, and cannot learn to be powerless. 

Sometimes you have to let go of false sense of self to realize that your power of mind is in who you are. 

Is there anything you taught yourself that you truly prefer to keep, in place of what you really are? 

Is this the way you wish to live?

If you will live and learn by the Atonement—in other words, by being who you truly are as your inner energy —only then will you find your function that unites you with all of creation. 

You will know how to accept that sometimes you have to let go and escape forever from what you taught yourself to this point in your life.

With this lesson, I now understand my friend Bill more truly, and why he rarely, if ever, introduces himself as a doctor. 

Bill is a foot doctor and has a successful podiatry clinic on the Gulf Coast of Florida. 

Often I have witnessed Bill who is always complete of inner energy, when asked by someone he just met what he does for work, respond something like: “I help people to feel more comfortable on their feet.” 

Almost always they reply, “So, you must sell shoes, eh?”

Once, I invited Bill to play golf with my usual group of guys, with whom he was an unfamiliar but welcome guest. 

This time he explained further out of courtesy, saying that he ran foot clinics. It’s, where people of all ages with all kinds of foot problems would come for results.

It’s where he and his staff would do their best to treat and correct these ills. 

Naturally someone asked him if he was a doctor.  Bill’s reply was still quite humble: “Yes, some years ago I completed a doctoral degree in podiatry at Ohio State University.” 

Then he simply left it at that, getting back to the golf match over a couple of bucks.

My good friend Bill does not define himself as a doctor of podiatry because it’s not necessary for him to do so. 

Rather, he comes across as a person who enjoys helping others.  Bill is what he is, a very joyful individual. 

His medical training as a podiatrist does not make him who or what he is. 

His schooling was something required of him in order to satisfy the worldly obligations. The ones expected of anyone who wishes to develop an expertise in fixing foot problems. 

This is all his degree means to him, and a foot doctor is not who Bill truly is.

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To your power of mind,

James Nussbaumer



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