Deep Sleep Now 15 Minute Manifestation Real Consciousness Review

The Deep Sleep Now 15 Minute Manifestation system is created by Eddie Sergey.

If I were to pick up only one personal transformation product when on a tight budget, I’d definitely choose 15 Minute Manifestation.

As an author now myself and following 8 long years in a state prison over a foolish securities violation as a financial adviser, it was rough on me.

During my post-prison period, getting on my feet again was difficult.

I was desperate to do ANYTHING, and now my 3rd book of The Master of Everything series, is being released wherever books are sold, by a mainstream publisher.  

Now, let us understand what Deep Sleep Now 15 Minute Manifestation is all about. As well, how does it impact our lives by simply fine tuning the power of subconscious mind.

More than that, what impressed me the most was his own story, and a good bit told in the free video.  

Below is For A Better Life Podcast, also posted to YouTube. It’s giving you what you need to know about the real power of manifestation, and whether or not this system is for you.

He had a very rough childhood and it was unbelievable how he overcame the hardships of his life.

I mean through his experiences and deep study and research he developed and discovered this subliminally since he was nine years old.

I read many books on law of attraction, took courses on manifestation and personal development.

Neither the therapist nor the courses were of any use.

I got to try the first audio track to listen for 15 minutes a day for six days straight.

And I must say that those 15 minutes proved to be the greatest investment of my life and I mean it.

Surely I could feel the change within the first week and then I began to realize what he used to talk about.

I was so motivated by the results that I jumped on the complete course of 21 days.

AND, I never looked back and stuck with it!

At this point, you might be thinking that I am just convincing you to buy this product; but believe me you’d be dead wrong to think this way!

For me, it wasn’t even the Deep Sleep Now 15 Minute Manifestation that helped me and put me on the right track in life.

At one point in my life I was in a complete financial turmoil and my life was in disarray.

Neither did I see a way out of it. Nor did I know what to do. Likewise, that is why I crashed in my business as a financial adviser of 25 years.

The prison sentenced was overtly political and truly jolted me to say the least.

But it is where my writing was born about redirecting the mental power of our mistakes. Yes, before we act on them—and turn that power into positive results.

So I see it as a miracle how later I came across this guy.

A multimillionaire entrepreneur, who claimed to have cracked the code to communicate with the power of the subconscious mind.

Just as well, bring it in tune with the conscious portion of who we are.

Or as he called it, “UPGRADING THE SOFTWARE”.

He explained how “THE EDITOR” or the subconscious part of the brain limits our abilities. Also, keeps us away from abundance by distracting our attention.

It’s a thought process in parallel with my studies from the Course in Miracles, where I dive deep into spiritual metaphysical principles.

And that there is a way to naturally reprogram the power of the subconscious mind. I’m saying to lead us to the natural state of abundance, rather than toward lack.

But for those of you that know me and of my books,  A Course in Miracles uses traditional Christian terms.

Yes, with Christic Philosophy of Oneness of mind, and I break it down for my readers. Yes, I mean where we can all understand real Consciousness and it’s miraculous powers.

Rewiring or Re-Direct the Mind’s Power is what the Deep Sleep Now 15 Minute Manifestation is about!

But the guy I’m speaking of, Eddie Sergey, takes a different approach.

But to achieve the same results of reaching full potential through the power of the subconscious mind.

I will not bore you with the deep research Eddie did on brain and mind science, and how he co-created the Deep Sleep Now 15 Minute Manifestation.

As well, he did so together with a team of NLP and hypnosis experts.

The bottom line is that if you are looking for a product to scientifically “re-wire” your subconscious mind, then you can trust Deep Sleep Now 15 Minute Manifestation.

It’s, where you only have to listen to audio tracks unlike other courses.

Many of the others will ask you to do endless writing or read e-books that bore you to death unnecessarily.

Deep Sleep Now 15 Minute Manifestation is NOT a “woo-woo,” thing. I mean, as in a ‘ghostly’ kind of thing, made-up of hocus-pocus nonsense.

It is NOT one of those crappy, rehashed, useless junk programs which just deceive people to get their money.

Neither is the Deep Sleep Now 15 Minute Manifestation a, “Think positive and the world will serve it to you,” sort of thing.

Deep Sleep Now 15 Minute Manifestation also comes with a money back guarantee.

When you follow the course and listen to the audio tracks daily, for the entire period of 21 days, 15 Minute Manifestation certainly yields proper results.

You may be able to feel the change earlier. But if you believe in overnight results, then there is no such thing as overnight success.

Please don’t be one of those individuals who just collects programs and doesn’t do anything.

Use the the information inside them; I would say it won’t help just sitting on a shelf never being used.

This program is for dedicated and serious people only, who TRULY want to improve their lives!

Here’s the Deep Sleep Now 15 Minute Manifestation Official Video

The above are my professional and personal comments as an author myself. Too, as a spirit with a readiness and willingness to live a life of purpose.

No one has asked me to give this honest review. Or to endorse or approve the 15 Minute Manifestation or Eddie Sergey.

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To reaching full potential,

James Nussbaumer

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