Troops Remaining in Washington DC Breaking Update as to Why, Perhaps?

Why are troops remaining in US Capitol?

Absolutely, it does relate to real consciousness and why the free world truly want to hold on to freedom and help others have this human right, too!

I found this audio/video interesting and feel I must share this with friends!

It’s about why are US Troops remaining in DC?

JUAN O SAVIN – BREAKING UPDATE Audio/ Video below – March 10, 2021


So many of my readers have asked me to post any news relating to why Troops are remaining in Washington DC.

As well as troops remaining in US Capitol, why is a prison type fence with razor wire surrounding the USA Capitol?

Here’s another related article on why the deep state has no true power over you: 

It indicates that spiritual knowledge is taking its course up to provide you the experience where oneness with God is already culminating.

Troops Remaining in US Capitol

Is living in the darkness of concern to you?

I guess I mean, as well as doubt and fear maintaining us from our desires, goals and real free will?

Often you ask on your own what is a genuine spiritual awakening? Likewise, if I have actually currently gotten such an experience?

Still, when one completes spiritual awakening, comprehending the signs might help them understand that they are currently in the location.

Spiritual awakening is not a come and go type of issue.

No, it is a steady and constant process.

I suggest to claim that, some get it and are motivate and also motivated. However, too regretfully many others hesitate to embrace it.

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All my best to living in the light,

James Nussbaumer

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