The Deep State: Walk Free of Darkness with your Awakened Spirit

Isn’t the awakened spirit all about seeing beyond what frightens us and fills us with doubt where we can unambiguously realize true reality?

The truest, truth, is when we can experience our awakened spirit and see beyond human form; and this is where enlightenment occurs.

The culminating point marked in the practices is when one already achieves the spiritual knowledge. Yes, I mean for that reason they feel the unity of Oneness, leaving all mental and physical engagements and everything else.

It is possessing highly developed souls. Certainly, and to share the kind of enlightenment that these spiritual truth seekers experience they propagate it through the world.

Keep in mind this esoteric principle from A Course in Miracles“Appearances deceive, but can be changed. Reality is changeless. It does not deceive at all, and if you fail to see beyond appearances you are deceived.”

Realizing the Inner Spirit in a Few Phases of Spiritual Growth 

In my ever-developing book series beginning with The Master of Everything readers uncover the inner Self. Yes, for useful purposes, obtaining spiritual enlightenment enters into levels.

The reality and truth seekers progress from the very first to the corresponding levels.

The first one is the ‘animality’ levels to which lots of people have a propensity to degrade themselves.

In this phase you live the truth and experience as any individuals would.

You are experiencing the awakened spirit much like everybody else is experiencing.

Yes, although in this phase, you are currently taking the cue to uplift the enlightenment of your soul. Yet, I mean spiritual growth towards a more meaningful presence.

When spiritual knowledge is considered, you are at a stage when you are taking simply whatever as presented. However you are also undergoing an effort to remove worldly things from your presence.

realizing true enlightenment

True Enlightement is easy to find.

In the second phases or levels, you increase into humanity, to which now makes up the very nature of the human people.

In this stage, the individual experiences a connection to every specific around them and even to every item surrounding them.

The experience makes them like losing their own individuality; nevertheless, the culmination is currently taking its mark signaling that a merge is occurring between their own with the Supreme soul.

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As you feel you are no longer the individual that you are and rather one with whatever around your environment, you are closing in with the One-Mind of Creation. Of course, as everything originates from Him.

This is a great experience that anybody can undergo as an awakened spirit.

That’s because informing of the whole-mind as a oneness is beginning to dawn with more pledges to be a lot much better in the future with the prospering phase.

Yes, to which now truth seekers convene back and join with the extremely source where people originated from.

In this phase, you don’t feel in touch with whatever around you anymore. And this is not a sense of disconnection, instead you are already realizing that you are that everything.

It suggests the spiritual knowledge is taking its course. Likewise, as much as provide you the experience where oneness with God is currently culminating.

So after experiencing mankind, the divinity makes you feel you are whatever. Meaning, you are no longer your own body, mind, senses, and your intelligence faculty.

Just as well, in this stage, you are straight undertaking the divine experience. I am saying, the attainment of God, which is the highest level that people living their true free will go through.

When someone goes through awakened spirit and enlightenment, all luck remains in them. Absolutely, for it is that fruit that sets them devoid of the material wants, and desires.

It does not only make you feel the complete bliss of being free. Yet, as a result, gives you the experience that seldom is being undertaken by everyone else.

In another phase of the awakened spirit is the divinity level.

The culminating point marked in the practices is when one currently attains the spiritual knowledge therefore they feel the unity of the Oneness with our Creator.

This means not being stressed out over leaving behind all psychological and physical engagements and everything else.

It is having highly developed souls. As well, to share the kind of knowledge that these Oneness seekers experience they propagate it through the world.

It indicates the spiritual knowledge is taking its course up to provide you the experience where oneness with God is already culminating.

And in this stage, you are directly undertaking the divine experience of the awakened spirit. Sure, the achievement of God, which is the highest level that spiritually enlightened souls undergo.

This is why for now the Holy Spirit within us—and not outside us has the task of undoing our separated mind called ego. 

Creating the Life You want by the Power within you.

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