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Being true to yourself means understanding that sometimes you make good decisions.

Sometimes you are true to yourself, but on the other hand sometimes you have to start overcoming mistakes so you can begin getting over hurt.

Even if it is golf mental game (Poor you!),  please go deep into your inner Self—the You are capable of reaching as you read this article.

I am with you, and I totally understand how the world seems to help us slip into a mode of having to overcoming mistakes. 

It’s why I urge you to learn mindfulness meditation techniques, if you haven’t already. Whatever you do, be honest to yourself without berating yourself.

I mean don’t forget that it takes a humble heart to be honest to yourself and begin overcoming mistakes.  

I mean being true to yourself and being who you truly are.

Yes, in a world even if it is your golf mental game to grip, that is in such a hurry to measure you up and judge you at every turn.

A Course in Miracles teaches us: “When truth is realized, the hearts that are pure and innocent defend true perception instead of defending themselves against it.” 



In book 1 of the series I dive into…

By understanding the lesson of the Atonement, or At-one-ment, if you will, and which means awakening as a whole from the dream of separation, you are without a wish to attack; you allow yourself to start being true to yourself, and will not miscreate. 

I mean, this is what the Bible really means without ego-based interpretations and distortions from the past till today, when it says, “When He shall appear (or be perceived) we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is.”

When you have distorted views, you need to correct them—to withdraw your faith in them by investing it only in to be honest to yourself what is true so you don’t get into a situation of getting over hurt. 

How simple can this be? 

No one can make an untruth become true when you are being true to yourself. 

I only add about the golf mental game because all my life I have pursued this great and humbling sport—and I know how to relate that to being on top of your game in life…

If you are willing to accept what is true in everything you perceive, you will let it be true for you. 

Truth overcomes all errors, and those who live in error and emptiness can never find lasting peace.

A Course in Miracles also adds…If you can perceive truly that you are cancelling misperceptions in yourself and in others, you will be seeing yourself, as well as others, for what they truly are. 

By doing this you are letting them know that you see the truth in them, regardless of any brave front that smiles fictitiously. 

In book 2 I feel we accomplish that…Your acceptance of being true to yourself and be honest to yourself.

And, even with the golf mental game, allows them to accept it for themselves, and make the decision to heal, and to cross over the bridge with you to right-mindedness— their own golf mental game, so to speak, thereby inducing a miracle. 

You are seeing the bridge over to right-minded perception, and now you are ready to see the bridge from there, over to knowledge. 

The travel over this bridge cannot be forced; it just simply flows or happens.  No one forces themselves to know.

Do you truly know God as a beneficent order to all things? 

By now you should be sensing Him as the Thought that causes everything to happen without human conscious control. 

This “knowing” will allow you to realize the depth of your own abilities, thereby bringing out your real strength. 

When you choose to be honest to yourself, can you see in your daily life the working of this One Thought? 

Do you feel as though you can relax and getting over hurt in life, and know that you have a function that will be carried out?

Much of the world’s populace questions and doubts their function, thereby accepting illusion, only because they are afraid of their true potential. 

If we live our life this way, we become incapable of knowledge and easily overcoming mistakes because we perceive only for personal gain, and not for love. 

We are never able to leave the bridge of perception.

The separated mind brings on varying degrees, aspects, and intervals, making perception the measuring device for remaining separated.  Such as: “How much must I sacrifice to achieve that goal?”

Our physical body does get involved with our perceptions, often causing stress, even over our golf mental game. 

The body is at work every moment and does respond to these stresses, and even the joys we experience. 

We do understand and are in awe of the fact that our body is a brilliance of design, an array of mechanisms and efficiency our human efforts have never begun to match. 

Our heart expands and contracts especially when we are up against the wall, pumping blood to microscopic cells that feed us, make our hair grow, and do all that makes us a living being. 

Planets revolve around the sun, seeds become flowers, embryos become babies, and all with no help from us. 

All this movement is built into a natural system of being true to yourself, and you and I are each an integral part of that system. 

Let’s face it we’re all up against struggle of some kind… and …We can let our lives be directed by the same divine Thought; or we can do it ourselves as humankind has tried to do ever since the separation—what some call the symbolic “Tree of Knowledge,” where the first bite of illusion was digested.

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To overcoming mistakes,

James Nussbaumer

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