How Can I Sleep at Night Answered by Finding Your Authentic Self

If you often search for, how can I sleep better at night, and found this Better Life Podcast embedded below, I welcome you to replay the words I lend to you where there are everyday exercises for being your authentic self.

My message in this session of A Better Life Podcast and the exercises I’ll discuss will help you to go within to the center of your authenticity.

Yes, it seems we’ve lived for centuries rather always searching for answers located somewhere, “out there.”

Yes, I mean finding your authentic self is about tapping into your real and true inner Essence, so you may quit worrying over, how can I sleep better

For those who read my books, articles, newsletters and other content may sometimes seem as though to you that I oppose much scripture of the Bible based on how I discuss my understanding of the Course in Miracles

This is not so, in fact my intense studies and writing my books and many articles and more content from the principles and lessons contained in the Course in Miracles, purely help me more clearly interpret the Bible.

I’ve been finding newer and wonderful meaning from the Old and New Testaments.



This is why I encourage you to tune in to the for A Better Life Podcast I’ve posted above, and past and future Podcasts, where I dive into spiritual metaphysical principles for a brighter world.

And today’s session, of course, why perhaps at times we wonder, how can I sleep

We might discover how to see the real world, in more abstract means, which will certainly permit fact to become much more all-natural, as well as for us to be at deeper inner peace; therefore resting and sleeping well during the night.

For generations it has seemed to me that Scripture appears to have developed a humanity based upon sacrifice, and where we think we must find satisfaction in this.

This kind of picture contributes to our imaginary mind, strengthening imaginary analyses that widen as time takes place, making the stories of Scripture seem like life in this world and of eternal life being a fairy tale of sort. 

But today, I see different lessons from ancient Scripture when more clearly understood through the abstract mind, which is how you may begin finding your authentic self.

Being our authentic self means understanding and accepting our real and true inner essence, leading us away from thinking we must live a life of sacrifice based on fear. 

My only opposition, nonetheless, remains in the means the vanity has actually analyzed Scripture based upon its concrete reasoning, analyses or interpretation and continued by this fragmented ego-based idea pattern for centuries that cannot sleep at night. 

Consider this principle from the Course in Miracles: “The world you see is based upon sacrifice of oneness and wholeness of mind.”

This idea of separation is why we paint images of God being an old man we must fear with a white beard, wearing a white robe, wafting His hand above in the air and making lightning strike.

Yes, say goodbye to, how can I sleep, by welcoming your authentic Self!

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To your true Essence, 

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