Law of Abundance and How to Attract Wealth and Prosperity

Being grateful daily for simply one week is proven to have had advantages for aligning with the universal law of abundance by studies of psychologists. 

Spiritual masters have actually understood and promoted gratitude for literally millennia for prosperity and abundance.

Personal transformation gurus also mention that how to attract wealth is through appreciation by being thankful for realizing your inner light of eternal being.

But to attract money to you and other material pleasures is by being be grateful?

The easy answer is aligning with the law of abundance is to do the opposite of being unappreciative or feeling that you lack and that there is absolutely nothing to be grateful for.

There are always millions of needs to be grateful thus aligning oneself with the law of abundance, well-being, and overall peace of mind.

The principle of thankfulness is realizing your limitless abundant self within you, and reflecting that prosperity mindset into your material world.

You can never lack things to be grateful for, since the real universe—which is you from within where your true free will exists, never ceases to support you, even when it seems things are going wrong.

Things only appearing to be going in a wrong-minded direction is simply the real universe pointing out that your ego-based negativity is obscuring your inner Light of creation.

The Course in Miracles states, “The cornerstone of God’s creation is you, for His thought system is light.”Why don’t individuals get the lesson and continue to act as victims of a cruel and unjust world?

It is simply a valuable life lesson—in appreciation.

Appreciation is not limited to winning in the stock market, or real estate values sky rocketing, and watching your bank account grow.

To be grateful can imply to realize that you have the power within you for how to attract wealth, today with exactly what you have within you at your inner core.

It’s what the Course in Miracles terms, “Lights center.”Yes, the center of the light that you are!I personally ensure that around you, right now, you have more than 25 to 35 things you could be grateful for.

Deciding to be appreciative triggers positive ideas and feelings and is how to attract money to you.

Cannot you be grateful for the technology we have at our finger tips today?

How about having food on the table? What about clothes? Do you have any close acquaintances and friends and a loving family?

What if you could be appreciative for those things?  

(Here’s more blog material on when you think How to Change my Life, consider the law of attraction.) 

This is not a reason to beat yourself up, or a criticism that states you “ought to be” grateful.

This can be disadvantageous.

Remember the old ‘cliché’ of our parents telling us when we were kids about all the starving people around the world when we wouldn’t eat our vegetables? (I remember my little sister telling our Dad one evening at dinner, “Let’s get their address and send them this terrible broccoli on my plate!)

That was funny, but my point is if anything it taught children to pack themselves beyond their physical need, worse yet created food addictions and obesity.

Exactly what this blog article is stating is that if you do select to be grateful, and you do have the power of the law of abundance.

It begins with the little things that possibly have been taken for granted, then increased prosperity and abundance in some capacity is in fact guaranteed if it is formed into a daily routine over the course, ideally of 21 days or more.

If you have ANY concerns in your life, begin being grateful today and start owning up to the universal law of abundance.

Start by jotting down in a journal every day for at least 21 days, and then onward, 7 things that you might be grateful for—even if you feel there is absolutely nothing to be grateful for.

It will be like sowing a seed that will change your life for the better.

The Course in Miracles teaches, “Every idea has a purpose, and its purpose is always the natural outcome of what it is.”

That said, begin a prosperity and abundance appreciation list of huge and little things that anybody could be grateful for, specifically when you are holding on to things which serves little sane or real purpose in order to just be cranky.

Yes, make a random list for you.

It is advised that you make your own list based on your objectives and goals.

Beginning now, I mean in this instant, today. Not later on. Not when you’ve remembered this article a few days from now, examined your email or anything else.

Right now, put thankfulness into action and see exactly what it does for you.

One last thing we should consider, and say you’ve got an actually bad obstacle in your way that appears like it simply cannot be fixed.

Maybe it’s a longstanding health concern, or possibly you’ve been stuck in a self-created or “natural disaster” created monetary scenario that has been badgering you.

Sometimes, these apparently unfortunate occasions can be entirely turned around when trying to find the good in the situation.

Ask yourself: exactly what in this situation might teach me something, so I may move forward in life.

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To being highly effective,

James Nussbaumer

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