The Trinity Explained and Understanding Mind Body Spirit – A Better Life Podcast included

Often we try to ask our human thinking for the Trinity explained. But as we humans are we get caught up in misperceived notions.

Perception in general always involves some misuse of your mind because it brings your mind body spirit into areas of uncertainty.  Otherwise it wouldn’t be perception. 

In book 1 of the series I dive into…The mind is very active, and when it chooses to be separated and conflicting it can only perceive. 

But it does desire to know, and chooses carefully out of uncertainty when it perceives.

Even when we think about the process of our mind body spirit, we see it in a physical sense, often relating it to our brain, rather than our connection to the universe. 

So as we move on also take time to sit back and listen to this 20 minute or so A Better Life Podcast.

I mean opening your mind to the inward beauty there.



It’s why I urge you to learn mindfulness meditation techniques, if you haven’t already.

As well, the universe I talk about here does not entail the stars, moon, and the galaxies we gaze at on a beautiful night. 

The universe I speak of here is literally meant to mean “all that is real.” Of course externally, the physical universe we can see does support our physical existence. 

When seek within you for the Trinity explained so many things start to make sense.

For example, photosynthesis in plants and plankton in the ocean produce oxygen that we need in order to breathe. 

A Course in Miracles goes deeper into…It is important to respect the laws that rule the physical universe as a reflection of Who we are beyond the material world, spirit and soul, if you will.

I mean that violation of these laws threatens our mind body spirit survival. 

When we pollute the oceans or destroy plant life, we are destroying our support system.

And thus are destroying ourselves and keeping yourself from your true potential in mind body spirit..

Internally—meaning within our true essence, or spirit and soul, that inner altar where we abide—is the universe that supports our survival as well, both emotionally and psychologically. 

The internal equivalent to oxygen is love, which comes from our spirit. 

What really is our spirit when realizing the Trinity explained?

A Course in Miracles states:

  • “In this world your perfection is unwitnessed.” 

It’s quite simple.  It is the total, undeniable truth that you are.  This is not perceived by us; but it is known.

In book 2 of the series we dig into…If we are perceiving out of greed in our daily lives we cannot find truth.  The function of perception is to interpret. 

This permits you to misinterpret your body as who you truly are, in an attempt to escape from the conflict you made. 

Knowledge does not do anything, especially not interpret, because it already knows. 

However, other ego minds might perceive knowledge as an attacker, though it cannot attack. 

What these egos might perceive as an attack from knowledge is that knowledge cannot lose; but the attacker is really perception in conflict.

Your mind will return to its proper function, leaving behind all your subordinate functions the ego.

Yes—which is all about the body, made, only when it wills to know

As you get more in tune with mind, spirit, and body for your happiness in this world, the Trinity continues to hit Home with you.

Then it becomes in the service of spirit, where perception is changed.  This will produce gradual overriding of perception by knowledge, when truth is tapped into. 

When truth and knowledge are one you will know this as spirit, or many like to say, spirit and soul, and more clearly understand the Trinity explained. 

The part of your mind that will hang onto perception cannot separate itself from spirit, and will be joyfully bridged over to knowledge. 

Spirit is where the power to create abides, and the more it creates, the more mind body spirit perception will cross the bridge to knowledge.  Knowledge will increase. 

Perception needs translation and transcending, but knowledge does not.

Therefore, the laws of the universe merely describe the way things truly are. 

The laws were not invented by man. 

They are discovered through spirit and soul. 

Yes, they are not dependent on our body or spirit.  Spirit is merely one with these laws, and when understood, the Trinity explained.

All things made by the separation are in conflict, because they are meaningless to each other.  Their only function is for themselves. 

But in the Trinity explained, Spirit has no conflicting degrees that are either measured or translated. 

God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are each a level in the whole Mind of God, the Trinity explained, and are the only levels capable of Unity. 

Mind body spirit is union while in this world, and You as the One whole Mind of God are the Trinity eternally. 

(Please note I also suggest this sister article about understanding universal healing to bring forth your inner strengths.)

To mind body spirit,

James Nussbaumer

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