Strength and Courage – Overcoming Fear for the Life You Want Truly

Let’s look at strength and courage brought forth even when we’re facing life challenges because of errors we’ve made that have set us back in life.

I mean here’s how we may begin overcoming fear of failure and rather on to success by the lessons from our failures.

It just might be you need a bit of personal transformation on beating those fears of not being accepted.

Perhaps being in the dumps too often, or whatever the situation is for you, let’s heal that now.

I mean for the personal transformation you need, yet may be feeling an urging within, and still feeling loss in some sort of way.

I want to share with you by example perhaps finding it too difficult to truly be all you can be.

Is finding the strength and courage you need an uphill life challenge?

For many years a transformation had been urging a shift in me, but out of fear I resisted.

I felt as though I couldn’t find my peace. So I tried on the weird belief that I could make something of myself that I was not meant to be.

This undoing to heal this way of thinking entailed the gradual, ongoing, obliteration of a man made thought system I had been buying into for most of my adult life.

At the time, I felt myself drowning in a sea of confusion, terror, and disbelief.

After twenty-five years in business one might think I would have known better.

The funds were my responsibility and tough times had left my bottom line near empty. So I did not have the ability to repay the money– at least not right away.

Or should I say a nightmare?

The authorities seized all of my material possessions, or what was left of them. As well, I was left penniless.

All that was left of me is what seemed to be a lonely and vacant mind.

For the time being, guilt and fear remain with this world as separate illusions covering strength and courage.

Whether it is love, relationships, success, or any aspect of life, strength and courage is real easy to come by when you see there is nothing to fear.

When I say “for the time being,” it’s because time is all that we see.

We can progressively subdue time, the realm where our “thinking” side identifies with a body. Likewise, its boundaries–who and what we think we are.

(In another related article on: how to have inner peace let’s consider a course required for how to find peace within yourself is easy.) 

If I am fearful, then I must be placing value in fear instead of in strength and courage.

Therefore I must be valuing wrongly if I fear of not being accepted or have a fear of love.

This fearful habit of mind is destroying our chances for peace. Yes it is, and we must have peace within us before we can extend it.

The statement means that peace can not be valued wrongly, nor can it be shaken at all by errors of any kind.

The Course in Miracles has a lesson teaching us:

  • “Look with peace upon your brothers and God will come rushing into your heart in gratitude for your gift to Him.”

When we no longer feel vulnerable to attack, separated or rejected, better things find us.

It’s when we can then lengthen the instants of pure thought, or “no-thinking,” that miracles happen.

And reflecting your dreams to the material world.

I’m saying where we reinterpret for our mind what it is we truly want. The bottom line is that we all want inner peace, but are in fear of how to achieve it.

I felt as though I couldn’t find real strength and courage for the life I wanted. So I began thinking I’d always be fighting against overcoming fear of failure.

I was in a career I only loathed, not loved at all.

We can progressively use time, the realm where our “thinking” side identifies with a body and its boundaries to get the life we want.

This fearful habit of never having strength and courage starts fading away.

When we allow the power within us to begin undoing the fear and doubt we have peace within.

Final Word on Living the Life You Want:

Are you finding it too difficult to find strength and courage for the personal transformation you need, but feel a yearning within, and still feeling loss?

Just keep facing fear head on and before you realize it you are extending love everywhere.

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To being all you can be without fear,

James Nussbaumer

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