Have Courage in Achieving Your Goals and See Fear of Failure Fade Away

Today let’s open our minds to a bundle of ways to have courage and on to never fearing how to achieve goals in life.

What you will discover here are extremely powerful methods to assist you overcoming fear of failure. Or, it might be fear of not being accepted, or fear of love.

When you regularly use these principles for strength and courage you will witness a remarkable transformation beginning as you witness fear fade away.

Before we carry on, though, I want to explain why I utilize the phrase “fear fade away”.

I am persuaded that real bravery and courage is already within all of us and just needs to shine forth; therefore “fading the fears away.”

Yes, just like how sunshine fades away the darkness. You see, when darkness is attracted to the light it fades away and becomes the light.

When we truly have courage our inner Spirit of light knows this.

Whether we easily admit it, we just need to accept this reality and overcoming fear of failure is in our control.

Keep in mind as you absorb what this article has to offer you this lesson from the Course in Miracles:

  • “Let me recognize my problems have been solved. Let me remember I am one with God.” 

For generations we have actually been taught by society to fear. And sadly even by our well-meaning family members why we ought to not do something.

Or why we need to not pursue a particular objective.

They try to discourage us in a variety of ways. But this fear and doubt aspect is in us all as humans, and is termed ego.

Sometimes, it may not be that they do not trust in our goals or our ideas.

However they feel that if they were to pursue the idea/goal themselves, they wouldn’t have the guts to do it– they would be too afraid.

And the less we attempt to do something because of worry we’re in deeper darkness.

I mean that the more ego fears projected into our psyche by others the less our minds think we have any real light of spirit at all.

And the less our minds believe that courage is already within us, the more it becomes true (a reality) for us.

In the first book of my ever-developing series, The Master of Everything: A Story of Mankind and the World of Illusion We Call Life, I address this deeply.

I showed you an important lesson I learned, through observation, several years earlier– and that is: Courage has actually always been within us from the time we were children.

And considering that we were all kids at one time, courage is inside “all” of us.

Faith, strength, and hope is not something that comes from outside of us. As in to give us the nerve of confidence to to take action.

Although external factors or impacts can help in drawing that nerve out.

Or can assist in getting us to be more in touch with Spirit and have courage.

This is what I would like to share with you in the principles below. Yes, due to the fact that outright nerve (or valiancy) is the nature of our “light of spirit.”

If you’re still keeping in mind the lesson above I gave you from the Course in Miracles, nothing can harm the Spirit of God.

Remember light causes darkness to fade away. 

In all my books I always like to share a few quotes and among them are these words I feel appropriate for today. This quote is by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin:

He said, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

I figured that’s probably why kids, particularly those at an early age, are so bold and less self-conscious.

They are more in touch with that “light of spirit” part of themselves.

In fact, I think that through the years, as individuals mature towards their adult years, they have gotten less and less in touch with that “spirit” part of themselves.

That’s due to the many self-created ego-based fears. Or due to doubt and fear that has actually been handed down to them by others (or society).

These darkened thoughts of worries started to gradually cover up their fearless nature.

I’m saying, their extreme God essence or innermost core. I mean, again, much like the morning’s dawn replacing the dark.  

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Keeping the above in mind, here, then, is that bundle of ways (Remember, there’s plenty more in my books) to bring forth your light of Spirit:

  • Reinforce in your being the conviction that you are a “fearless” spirit living in this world.

It’s your true nature. It’s your very essence. Accept this truth and your life will change in so many favorable manners.

Detach yourself from the fear of the body, and the mind, sticking instead to the fearlessness of the spirit.
~ Chin-Ning Chu ~.

  • It is in your power to find that who you really are has absolutely nothing to fear.

However that you make yourself afraid each time you look outside of yourself for some power to make you feel brave.
~ Vernon Howard ~.

JUST DO IT. As soon as you’ve decided to do something, just do it (avoid delaying needlessly).

With time, this strengthens the feeling of true grit in your nerve system. You’ll be increasingly more in touch with the brave part of yourself.

And as a result, taking action (without thinking twice) will feel more natural to you.

It is not since things are tough that we do not attempt, it is due to the fact that we do not attempt that things are difficult.
~ Seneca ~.

Do it like there’s no one watching, do it like you do not require the money, do it like you simply can’t lose,.

  • Again, JUST SIMPLY DO IT, as Nike has prescribed.

Simply put, do your finest not to offer worry (or reasons) a chance to sneak in.


Due to the fact that when that takes place, the following is what generally results (as Seneca’s quote so profoundly suggests.)

An individual who suffers before it is necessary suffers more than is necessary.
Likewise, as Publilius Syrus’s quote discusses:

Valor grows by daring, worry by holding back.

  • Offer yourself approval to be brave (prevent enabling yourself to be cowardly).

And avoid providing others (or anything) authorization to make you feel afraid. The key word here is “consent.”.

Understanding this concept and applying it in your everyday life will empower you in ways you may not have imagined before.

It puts you in an effective position because it gives you control. In other words, you will not be just a meaningless punching bag to others.

You see, the factor some people are bullied is due to the fact that “they permit it.”

They permit to the bully to bully them. But the moment they no longer allow to the bully to mistreat them, the bully loses his/her power.

  • Yes, of course, the darkness of the bully fades away as it approaches your light!

The Course in Miracles also teaches us:

  • “Learn to be quiet in the midst of turmoil, for quietness is the end of strife, and this is the journey to peace.”

Sometimes, it may not be that others who seem to be against us, are not really against us at all. It’s just that they need to experience our true light which is at-one with their true light.

In other words, they pass on their fears to us unconsciously through projections of the ego. 

And the less and less we try to project our lives in their darkened thought, the more and more our natural light will shine forth.

Final Thoughts on Achieving Your Goals in Life:

To have courage and faith in your goals and dreams gives us the strength for overcoming fear of failure and is when your dreams become a reality.

And the less our minds think that courage is currently within us, the more it ends up being real and a way of life for us.

Over time, this reinforces the feeling of self-confidence in your nervous system. Likewise,  this is how to achieve goals in life.

(I suggest a related article here on: why worry and be afraid if you can always be of your true expressions to make life simple?) 

To reaching your goals and dreams,

James Nussbaumer

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