How to Truthfully Achieve Goals in Life: Certainly Operating by Courage

There is a way out of this trap for not knowing how to truthfully achieve goals in life. 

But once again, you must be operating from strength and courage to truly bring your dreams to reality.

I mean truth.

It must be total Truth and not a partial truth, nor can it be a truth that is “stretched.”

So before we move on here, please ask yourself one simple question: Why am I afraid of the Truth?

Since you must operate from this one and only Truth for how to truthfully achieve goals in life do one thing.

That is to bring out your spiritual flashlight right now, which I discuss deeply in my first book of the series, The Master of Everything.

Go ahead, I’ll give you a second or two to reach for it.

Okay, let’s go.

Shine the light directly on the Truth you see and notice it telling you how to truthfully achieve goals in life.

The one Truth seems to be a very lovely pathway. This is the path of your desires that need to be a part of you, more than just goals.

Look at these true desires—not fantasies, but sincere, honest desires—which portray who you truly are.

If you sense a swift tug by the ego while doing this, it is normal.

You need to cast the light onto it and simply suggest that it needs to move aside.

Let it know that as of now, in this present moment, you are operating from your own true free will, which is God’s Will.

Let the ego understand this without having to explain yourself, as you shine the Light on your resistance or indecisiveness.

Then immediately begin to trust that the Holy Spirit will be leading and guiding you on your way from here on.

Notify the ego that you are now using the Light to cut through the obscurity the ego has made for you.

You might visualize this strength and courage in you much like the light on a locomotive.

Yes, confidently cruising down the track through the thick fog.

You must stand firm, and keep your spiritual flashlight handy to shine away any further antics of the ego.

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Alone you can do nothing, because all you’ll have within is the ego, which is nothing.

The Course in Miracles teaches us that:

  • “But together with the Holy Spirit, as well as with your brothers/sisters of the Sonship, and their guidance, too, from the Holy Spirit, you can fuse a power far beyond any power you could ever master alone.”

This power is invincible because it is undivided and is of the Mind of God.

The only way to know your own will as God’s Will is by surrendering yourself to it.

Yes, by totally being a part of the undivided will of the Sonship, which is of your real mind, wholly of God.

This is your freedom, where the prison door you put yourself behind naturally swings open.

How do we become whole?

By being your true self in all that you do, and by understanding that healing is the process of making whole.

Therefore, to heal is to unite those who are like you.

You don’t have to “do” anything. Perceiving the likeness is enough, and is to recognize the Creator of this undivided whole.

You recognize God by feeling safe and guided, or by being at peace, just as when you heard the wood hen hammering away in the woods.

Or perhaps, wondered at the vastness of that starry sky you know so well.

Yes, it was a projected image, but the sensation you felt was God.

Final Notes on Reaching Objectives and Goals

Remember, the path for how to truthfully achieve goals in life by your desires to be a part of you, more than just goals is not fantasy. 

Even while you dream of fear and doubt you are realizing that you are being guided back Home.

It is a safe and joyous journey, and man, is it ever Heaven!

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To reaching your true potential,

James Nussbaumer

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