The Best Way to Live Life Right Now is Always Creating the Life You Want to Live

What does it require for the best way to live life and/or to manifest abundance into someone’s goals and dreams?

For me manifesting joy takes no effort, there are many basic things I get delight out of. As a matter of fact I lead quite an abundant basic life.

I’m talking more about big product things here like manifesting financial freedom – great deals of it.

And, company success, for me, with my books being published, and living a satisfied life where contentment is looked after.

Does the best way to live life take lots of meditation and positive affirmations or does it take a bit moreover?

Is it as easy as setting an objective for abundance to materialize at our demand?

Well, meditation has, without a doubt, brought me inner peace and a change of understanding.

Positive affirmations set the mood for my day, and setting intentions allows me to objectively set conceptually without getting caught up in every information.

These all work extremely well on a spiritual level.

What I do know that does work well in manifesting the huge ‘stuff’ is: know what you want, focus, commitment, determination and the huge one– do something.

If you’re not consistent with what you are attempting to achieve, even if there’s a really, extremely tiny voice somewhere inside you desiring your attention, pay attention and listen.

The Course in Miracles teaches us to go within and ask for guidance without fear or doubt.

Deal with what your inner guide is trying to tell you.

It might be a belief getting in the way. You may get all ‘fired’ up about an idea you have that’s completely new and just for an instant, you live your dream.

What takes place next takes a nanosecond. Doubt steps in, and fear and so the downward spiral begins up until you’ve quit on the idea.

This is an example of an unfavorable belief getting in the way of what potentially could be a really, truly terrific idea!

Your inner voice might likewise be telling you that you need to up-skill; fulfill more people; look more carefully at what you truly value; or that it’s worry blocking your power to manifest.

Often we have a worry of not only failure however likewise fear of success.

On a more spiritual level to have the best way to live life can require time, this depends of course on what it is you’re manifesting.

As a matter of fact it can take a terrible great deal of time trying to create the life you want to live.

A choice would be to begin something different, however what takes place then is the await abundance begins … once again … and perhaps once again.

Manifesting anything takes effort– often a little and in some cases a lot for the best way to live life.

Likewise, then there are times ‘the men upstairs’ (or maybe ‘the girls’ for you) deliberately place challenges and blocks (including worry) in the path.

This will check how major, identified and imaginative you truly are.

It can be very demoralizing and soul destroying to continuously receive rejections for that book you desire to published. Or, that CD you want to sing, that film you ‘d like to star in.

Have faith and trust in yourself that you can pull it off to have the best way to live life. You never truly understand what’s around the corner, till it’s in your face.


If something doesn’t work, improve upon it, and it may be the only thing that requires altering is your understanding.

Get some coaching in– there are numerous kinds of coaching these days.

As well, there’s life training, organization training, executive training, spiritual training, and there’s my–Master-Mind Challenge group.

Yes transformation and self-growth are so crucial to get a grip on. Possibly get some breathing meditation in and make it part of your life.

There’s a flip side to all this manifesting the life you want.

An expression I particularly love and has held true for me on occasion is ‘beware what you want due to the fact that you’re bound to get it’.

And, guess what?

It might not be what you anticipate. Instead, your manifesting might bring an abundance of frustration and heartache with it.

Weigh up your dream list, take a look at what you’re trying to manifest with new eyes for light.

And yes, ‘beware what you long for’, for it may not be what it appears. In some cases life can appear so complicated.

What does it take to lead the a life as the best way to live life.

For me it’s operating from inner core and takes no effort, there are so lots of basic things I get pleasure out of.

What I do know that does work well in creating the life you want to live is: know what you want, focus, dedication, decision and the huge one– do something.

On a more spiritual level the best way to live life can take time, this depends of course on what it is you’re manifesting.

Creating anything takes effort– in some cases a little and in some cases a lot.

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Next, I want to share with you what I call Heaven’s Gate to the life you truly desire.

The Gate to the Best Way to Live Life on your Terms 

Do you ever feel that you are living your life to the fullest and being perpetually driven?

I mean to say, that life is great rather than a never-ending round of rushing from here to there. Or from one task to another, with no time for relaxation?

Are you up against cash concerns– how to pay those increasing expenses, or where the next payment is coming from for your kids’s education.

As well, your family’s healthcare, your house mortgage–occupy your mind much of the time.

Or that relationships with your family or spouse suffer because you have not got time to spend with them.

You know, where you’re working all the hours there are to pay the expenses after all, aren’t you.

You long for the day when you can loan out a little time for yourself, and do some of those things you constantly desire.

However what if there is a way to say goodbye to fear, anger, worry, and all those other unfavorable feelings?

What if you can transform your life so that you can get the best way to live life.

I’m saying, all the things you ever wanted? You can you know. The powerful and secret ideas your feelings are bringing forth.

Learning to create the life you want to live is your plan to success, prosperity and individual life fulfillment.

Using the inside understanding of sensations, you can discover how to execute your ideas.

I mean your dreams in a easy and stress-free method to dramatically alter your life for the much better.

Manifesting is an ancient science (over 2,000 years of the ages), and the manifestation techniques are largely unknown to the modern world.

But, the attempted and trusted methods have actually proven to work and are required now, more than ever.

By honoring what you feel in your heart you can bring in good luck to yourself, individual and financial, and real miracles in your life.

Significantly various from any other self-help program–in truth you can realistically throw out many self-help books you’ve ever tried to absorb.

I’m saying to you, begin creating the life you want to live from in your inner core and reflect that to the material world.

A True create the life you want state of mind will change the way you think on all levels.

A new departure in self-improvement, it will harness the physical laws of the universe to create anything you desire: draw in love and romance, make your perfect job appear, get rid of tension and low esteem.

Likewise, too, lose weight, discover abundance and financial freedom.

Purposely draw life-affirming experiences to yourself.

Anyone can learn the art of manifestation. No matter what you’ve been conditioned to think, it is readily available to ALL of us.

Why not offer it a try and see where it takes you.

The powerful and secret techniques taught by your power of choice can do simply that.

Using the inside understanding of creating and/or manifestation, you can find how to execute your ideas.

Yes, it means your dreams lived in a trouble-free and basic way to drastically change your life for the better.

As I’d said earlier, creating from within is an ancient science centuries old.

The practices for manifesting your desires are largely unidentified to the contemporary world today, but is catching on rapidly.

The proven, tried and tested and believed in techniques have shown to work and are sprouting up now, more than ever.

By learning to go within and create you can own the best way to live life in all areas of your life.

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To your best life ever,

James Nussbaumer

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