How to Have Inner Peace Immediately by Letting Go and Moving on in Life

Have you ever had the “Ho Hums” on trying to figure out how to have inner peace that is lasting each day of your life?

Well, I sure have!

The course required for how to find peace within yourself is easy. Or as difficult as an individual makes the trip of self-acceptance to be.

A person in deep spiritual peace will certainly accept internal tranquility. But will do so by constantly taking an instant to realize existence in their life.

Every person can begin letting go and moving on in life with some simple lasting peace within.

Perhaps for you for how to find peace within yourself takes a longer course than others.

You know, as we function each day out to settle individual internal problems within our life.

How to have inner peace can be as easy as releasing stress under the wondrous colors of an old still vibrant tree.

It can be as tough as constantly verifying oneself to every various other individual you come across.

The Certainty of How to have Inner Peace as a Direction

There was a time when I was dealing with a painful divorce. It was where the pain side to it all seemed mostly a result over the battle of who got what.

Sound familiar?

My lawyer who appeared to be the real winner on my team made the comment to me that: “We’re winning the good battles, but we’re losing the war.”

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Instead, wouldn’t you love the certainty of how to have inner peace?

The enemy you seem to wage war against, your seeming intruder on your peace of mind, can be transformed.

Yes, and I mean right before your sight into the giver of your own peace.

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Let me explain:

In my divorce situation, what would have been wrong with a plan for peace, instead of a battle plan for material defense?

I was defending the right to keep particular material objects.

But a real plan for sanity could have been to instruct my lawyer to offer her whatever she asked for.

Of course, why not, in return for her sincere promise to act fairly?

But I don’t know, the opportunity was never presented to see if fairness would come forward in both our minds.

After all, if she didn’t act fairly I would have remained free of guilt.

No one truly wants to feel guilty and it’s very possible that both parties could have offered fairness.

Likewise avoided all the unnecessary pain.

So-what if the ordeal would have ended up tilted a bit against my wallet; so be it, let it go and move on.

A Course in Miracles gives us a lesson that suggests ever so creatively about such meaningful conflict that I ask you to contemplate:

  • “The Child of God at war with his Creator is a condition as ridiculous as nature roaring at the wind in anger, proclaiming it is part of itself no more.”

But we allow the ego, nothing more than the projected image on the theater screen in our mind to choose for us.

We offer the ego in us filled with fear and doubt to lead us in a direction that keeps us from knowing ourselves as the Child of God.

We’re afraid to accept this wholeness.

But, listen, couldn’t we actually say the Child of God is evident as who we are.

I mean, when we feel an urging that is ushered to peace? Say, in an event that could otherwise lead us deeper into conflict?

Often we deny such an urge, and feel guilty for doing so.

But let’s carefully consider this feeling of connectedness in a peaceful resolve. I mean as the one Christ Mind, which is the whole Child of God.

Christ is the wholeness of our minds personalized which does not dream. But rather watches over the dreamer as we dream of life in this world. 

Meanwhile, the spirit that encompasses or envelops this entire, whole scenario is the Holy Spirit of our Creator.

This divine essence of who we are communicates with us and guiding our dream images.

Being so that we comfortably awaken when the time is right, being that time is only of the dream.

The plan for how to have inner peace is letting go.

Christ is the real pre-time, unseparated, real consciousness that knows we are safe at Home.

Yes, secure in Heaven while the separated ego-based state of mind projects image after image of an unreal world.

It’s only a fearful mission to hide guilt, and doesn’t realize it’s not necessary.

Without getting hung up on words, let’s see Christ as the definition to our Divine wholeness.

Yes, for how to find peace within yourself.

A spiritual peace for letting go and moving on in life.

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To peace and happiness in your life,

James Nussbaumer

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