Never Give Up Hope if you Feel Life is Not Worth Living

No matter what life seems to dish you, never give up hope. No matter how hard you may have crashed, or how far low you fell, never give up in life. No matter how low you feel about life, begin, with this article, now, as a step to make your life worth living. There is […]

For a Better Life Begin Understanding the Law of Attraction

The world is filled with miracles manifesting all the time, and so, why not for you in order for a better life?  When you are concerned with making crucial choices and decisions for having a better life with the universe’s power of attraction, you will have to be exceptionally careful. You will observe that your […]

Change Your Habits to Change Your Life by the Law of Attraction

To live the life you want is in your readiness and willingness to change your habits to change your life. You can change your life by the power of a reflective state of mind to factor in what you want in life. Underneath our human psyche we have the power of reflection that determines outcomes. […]

Changing Core Beliefs so that Things Will Be OK

Self-limiting beliefs are the untruths many of us use to give us direction in life. Until you begin changing core beliefs, and reflecting what you do want, finding happiness and being successful certainly will be limited. But belief may release you from self-imprisonment, like the belief from the heart that you are protected by your […]

The Feeling of Being Trapped and How to Escape the Darkness

The feeling of being trapped and feeling helpless stems from thoughts from an illusory inner dialogue called the ego, haunting you about being incomplete and lacking. Your thoughts lead you to believe no matter what direction you take, that you are doomed.   It most often appears from being afraid to escape darkness and shift […]