Does Your True Heart and Soul have Free Choice?

In this short article, I am explaining a spiritual realization. It can be uneasy and rather hard to check out. I hope to challenge the Reader to question upon what is generally being accepted as real. The concern for ponderance is this: Does our personality have a true free will? Below is my findings on […]

Truly Understanding Mind Body and Spirit in Today’s World

Might this help you sort that inner knowing and move forward in life to live your dream? Painful changes we all deal with at times so let’s understand why the power of your real mind in an instant may let go of fear holding you back…  I suggest a great article that so many have […]

Frustrating Living without Passion with Happiness Resolved by Free Will

Isn’t it frustrating living without passion? Yes, it is, therefore let’s look to freedom and happiness. As always, my intent from this brief is to at least point you in a right-minded direction to begin experiencing your life dream. I’m saying, finding your purpose and passion can be frustrating, at least if you are not […]