Dealing With Guilt and Dwelling On The Past

Dealing with guilt surely is in your true power but can lead to times where you become sleep deprived and recall disagreements or relationship struggles, perhaps, with your spouse, children, your boss, or even friends. Occasionally all of us experience that all-too-familiar wave of panic, and other times a worried headache or a quickly pounding […]

The Power Within Realized-Subconscious Mind and Dreams

The power within and not realizing it or understanding it, is why much of humanity’s problems have actually originated from individuals applying power over each other in a negligent fashion. When the power within is consistently worked out in an upsetting style, it strikes worry in the subconscious mind and dreams, as well as lack […]

Who We Think We Are and the Voice Within

Who we think we are is an interpretation, and what actually is an interpretation, anyway? Idries Shah, the foremost contemporary exponent of Sufism, was once asked to name a “fundamental misinterpretation” that most individuals make, and his response sparked my thinking about my own interpretation of reality.  He answered that, “Our errors rest in the […]

Lost in Life is the Feeling to Find Yourself

Feeling lost in life is not always a bad thing and may just be a necessary feeling to help you find yourself.  This longing for change and a better life can mean that you are beginning to see the light through the fog. This can mean you are beginning to sense your real Home. And […]

Full Potential by your Highest Conscious Awareness

You may have always wanted to live and breathe at your full potential and highest conscious awareness. You may have had some success, but still don’t think you have manifested the life of your dreams with extreme success levels.   You may also doubt that you have actually reached full potential. But this will make […]