A Change of Direction in Life Easily Made by Discovering your Purpose

The trouble many individuals have when wanting to make a change of direction in life is they have fears about the junctures ahead.

If you have an urging to begin discovering your purpose but stick around with old habits and routines it will be difficult.

When you opt for the thinking that: “Only I can change my situation,” transforming yourself will begin a process.

Today let’s look at true story we discussed in a recent Master-Mind Challenge webinar that touched many attendees.

  • Yes, food for thought on a change of direction in life.

Likewise accepting the fact that: “Only I can change my situation,” and discovering your purpose with passion.

Here’s her story, and my intention is this may hit home for you and your life scenario:

Almost 20 years ago, I was a young working mother at 26 – 28, independent and working for a prestigious business.

That was, till scenarios made me choose in between family and career.

After going through weighing my choices, I chose to end up being a full-time Homemaker.

It was due to the fact that I thought that family needs to come first if the situation would permit.

  • I had a wake-up call four years earlier on a change of direction in life.

It’s terrific hearing how her day has been.

Instead of getting mutual heat, I got a glowering look plus a creased forehead for a bonus.

Although a change of direction in life I’ve been noticing her surly attitude. Especially whenever I approached her after school in the previous months.

I mean, such screen of rejection sank just throughout that unwary, lazy, afternoon.

After getting used to doing things together or merely being there for her 24 hours a day, an abrupt awareness that I need to respect specific borders did put me off balance.

‘Privacy and ‘self-reliance’ suddenly end up being the words of the day.

She desired less of the ‘invasive’ side of her mama. Her notepads, shanty town books, even notepads gradually became private.

As you reflect on this story consider this lesson from the Course in Miracles:

  • Through consciousness, our minds have the power to change our planet and ourselves. 

More on understanding real consciousness here.

Gone are the days when she nicely composed caring notes on mother’s day. But, except when it has been needed in class, and whispered ‘I love you’s’ for no factor at all.

  • Gone are the days when she wishes to be cuddled, to listen to bedtime stories.

As well, to sleep through sweet lullabies just I might hum dotingly.

The individual in front of my change of direction in life of me that lazy afternoon was neither an adolescent nor a child.

I merely saw a daughter distancing herself from me.

And with my boy currently submerged in his own world, seeing my daughter gradually desiring less of me be upsetting.

Sure, and make me reassess of my function as a Mother and Homemaker, and comparing then and now.

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A Change of Direction in Life

I think with more time in my hand, I’ve slipped into a limbo, doing things. You know, I’ve been sensing there’s no need for them.

With much motivation from a very long time pal and classmate, I was able to pull myself out of that remarkable lull.

We did a little brainstorming, examining some things I can and can not do at mid 40’s of age.

And my love and talent for composing and journaling intensely brought up a change of direction in life, again.

The work was the most proper and less requiring thing I can delight in at that minute.

The very best part was I can work from my townhouse, make a little with less disturbances to the demands of home life, and I discover and grow in the process.

  • Through this good friend’s prodding, I started to reevaluate the idea.

Yes, and I discovered my fervor to share through composing still burns inside.

I pursued a change of direction in life composing and to get published; although I was worried as I started late in a competitive field.

Picturing myself as a ‘Published Writer’ elicited uncertainty, fear, and embarrassment.

It is a title or label that can be frightening and with inherent requirements that may need much to live up to. However I proceeded.

I did not count on mere skill.

I dealt with acquiring additional knowledge by purchasing books, limitless search on the internet.

Likewise, getting informed through correspondence courses. I almost walked on a self-help journey to transforming myself.

Answers from Within

After around 6 years of writing online and in print, I can state that I utilized that ‘wake-up call’. And I mean so carefully without going through much drastic changes.

It is fantastic how a change of direction in life we could develop a remarkable list of put-downs for ourselves.

Not surprising that some people attain so less in a lifetime in spite of being so skilled. As well, innately intelligent and with abundant chances right prior to their eyes.

Sometimes, we require wake-up calls to press us and advise us of hidden skills. Certainly, and forgotten enthusiasms which become our tools for reinventing our lives.

All of us have a considerable part of us that get muddled with the chaos of daily jobs.

It belongs people that lies dormant in the middle of routine responsibilities. And it is never far too late to tap them, to deal with them and to revive them.

I’ve also learned to listen to and acknowledge messages not easily discernible.

  • These days, I might be in for another wake up call on a change of direction in life.

I mean, since it is midlife for me and teenage years for her.

There will be more periods of realization and crossroads ahead for both of us.

We will have our own life challenges or crisis to deal with and ways to comprehend and tolerate each other.

Before the next wake up call gets here, I am hectic being a parent, a partner, and a Writer at the moment. Too, inhabited to take my daughter’s intermittent adolescent rejections seriously.

The Course in Miracles further gives us this profound lesson:

  • Be the change you want to see in this world. To become a master at any skill, it takes the total effort of your: heart, mind, and soul working together in tandem. 

It’s great hearing how a change of direction in life her day has been.

After getting used to doing things together or simply being there for her 24 hours a day, a sudden realization that I need to respect specific borders did put me off balance.

‘Privacy and ‘self-reliance’ unexpectedly end up being the words of the day.

  • The best part in this change for me I can work from my writing den at home.

Oh, my, yes, and make a little with less disruptions to the demands of home life and life challenges, and I grow and discover in the procedure.

These days, I may be in for another life wake up call since it is midlife for me and teenage years for her.

Final Note on Living the Life You Want:

Remember, it is your story for how to make a change of direction in life. Yes, when you accept the fact, “Only I can change my situation” to get what you want in this world.

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To a life of purpose and passion,

James Nussbaumer

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