Success in the Love Relationship: Pointers for Keeping the Love Alive

Success in the love relationship means keeping the love alive and filled with passion and oneness. I mean, wouldn’t you agree about infatuation staying alive? Staying crazy is harder than falling in love, yet healing can occur. (Har, har) What I mean is maybe you’re seeing signs he or she’s seeing another person. It can […]

Saving a Failing Love: Being a Healthy Couple while Saving your Marriage

Ways to saving a failing love while growing in the relationship just might be easier than you think. Yes, saving your marriage in today’s world can be successful with all the options available to you.  There’s plenty of great relationship help from couples psychology, to healthy relationship tips for couples, and more. The healthy couple […]

What Men Want in a Woman Made Simple: Understanding Men Today!

At a recent Master-Mind Challenge webinar we discussed what men want in a woman made simple. We talked about, why men don’t listen.  AND a simple technique you can use TODAY that will have him nearly hanging on your every word. Because, I’ve gotten a lot of emails asking if this is real..And I TOTALLY […]

What a Man Wants and Understanding Men for the Best Love Life Ever

What a man wants when a couple is contemplating over the notion, “can a relationship be saved,” is crucial to explore. And of course, for men it’s also so very important to understand what your lovely woman wants. What I share with you today can be a thought process–or food for thought for both sides […]

Signs of a Great Love Relationship and Best Marriage Ever Today

Ever wonder if you and your spouse or significant other have the signs of a great love relationship? Don’t you agree that what makes a relationship healthy is more than just the physical attraction? A good relationship in today’s world leading to the best marriage ever takes on many angles of loving companionship. I’d written […]