Love and Marriage and do they Go Together Today with Real Happiness?

Let’s look at love and marriage and perhaps do they really go together today in your world?

The old song of love and marital relationship fitting like a horse and carriage may be cute. Oh my, yes, but does it really indicate anything in today’s society?

Is there a true holy relationship in your love life today?

Do you actually require to have love in a relationship in order to wed, and do you require to wed if you like somebody?

Only one generation back, our so-called civilized culture stated that love and marriage undoubtedly followed one another.

There were no co-habiting/common-law relationships socially acceptable. The “Cleaver” concept of family and home strongly put love and marital relationship together in a rose-tinted cameo of how a pleased life ought to be.

Just a generation or 2 down and life is really various. Mindsets have actually unwinded. Social standards have changed.

Love and marriage don’t always have to go together.

Likewise, with the more open society we live in accepting that we are complimentary to enjoy who we choose. Just as well, and not be restricted by gender.

Of course, then in some cases it isn’t even lawfully possible for them to do so. Also consider that gay and lesbian marital relationship being more accepted today.

Sure, around the marital relationship, love and world is even possible for gay couples in some areas. However, in others it’s still illegal. Therefore love and marital relationship in the conventional sense is denied.

A Course in Miracles gives us this spiritual metaphysical principle on the true holy relationship:

  • “The holy relationship, a major step toward the perception of the real world, is learned. It is the old unholy relationship, transformed and seen anew.”

As the world ends up being a smaller location and people significantly move from nation to country. Yes, the variety of cultures doesn’t always suggest that combined marriages are constantly the way things go for a minority group in any country.

Organized marriages are still a strong part of many cultures.

Sure, where the parents of a child being raised in a country aside from the one of their moms and dads’ birth is different. I am saying that lawfully bound to marry somebody of their parents’ picking– often still living in the homeland.

For these children, love and marital relationship is something that they can only hope and dream for. But, not something that is theirs by right.

Along a similar line to organized marital relationships there are a variety of individuals who take it upon themselves about things. I’m saying, to facilitate the legal immigration of an individual from outside a nation by using themselves for marriage.

Love and marital relationship does not enter into this scenario at all. Usually it’s nothing more than a cold financial offer in between 2 adults who are attempting to beat the system.

For these people, marriage does not equate to true happiness. As a result, the problem with this sort of marital relationship is that it’s too commonplace. I mean that it overshadows and dominates how officialdom deals with all couples who are trying to relocate to one country or the other in order to be together.

For those genuine couples it is the thought of love and marital relationship that makes them want to quit all that they recognize with in order to have a “traditional” life of marriage with the person they’ve fallen in love with.

The issue is because of the false marriage applications.

It’s where the authentic couples are made to jump through immigration hoops. Just as well before their dreams of love and marital relationship and delighted ever after can take place.

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Ethically, there is still a feeling that love and marital relationship is the right way to go. Likewise, so there are couples who wed simply to please their parents do not agree with the love.

The parents may feel the fact don’t like the strong adequate bond as a couple. Especially without a marital relationship certificate and a number of gold bands to show it.

Regardless of the truth we live in a society and culture where love and marriage is not socially needed any longer. Again, I am saying, there are still some people who choose to make this commitment to the individual they want to invest the rest of their life with.

Sure, and for many, love and marriage stay strongly together. Yes, as much a part of the fairy tale as the delighted ever after ending the couple hopes for.

With gay and lesbian love relationships and marriage almost totally accepted today things are different.

I mean world and love is even possible for gay couples in some areas. However, whilst in others it’s still illegal and so love and marriage in the standard sense is denied.

For these people, marriage does not equate to love. As a result, the issue with this kind of marriage is that it’s so prevalent that it eclipses. I mean, and dominates how officialdom treats all couples.

Yes, who are attempting to move to one country or the other in order to be together.

For those genuine couples it is the thought of love and marriage that makes them want to offer up all that they are familiar with.

Sure, in order to have a “standard” life of marital relationship with the person they’ve fallen in love with.

The problem is that due to the fact that of the incorrect marital relationship applications. The genuine couples are made to leap through immigration hoops. Sure, prior to their dreams of love and marriage and happy ever after can take location.

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All my best in love and life,

James Nussbaumer

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