Saving a Failing Love: Being a Healthy Couple while Saving your Marriage

Ways to saving a failing love while growing in the relationship just might be easier than you think.

Yes, saving your marriage in today’s world can be successful with all the options available to you. 

There’s plenty of great relationship help from couples psychology, to healthy relationship tips for couples, and more.

The healthy couple in today’s world is happy and successful because they they want to be; it’s their goal.

Marital relationship is one of the happiest and unforgettable minutes in our lives. These might be due to some misconceptions; ego or other individual issues.

Nevertheless, a divorce impacts the social and individual lives of both the partners.

You will be amazed to know that your marriage issues can be dealt with.

Here are ways to saving a failing love that can be successfully carried out in your married life.

This article has three sections, and in the first part I want to discuss deeply about accepting there is a problem.

In section two we will explore ways to enhance the love relationship and reignite that old flame of love still kindling.

In the final section I want impress upon the importance of learning from one another rather than controlling. 

Keep in mind as we move along this spiritual metaphysical lesson from the Course in Miracles:

  • Love cannot judge. As it is one itself, it looks on all as one. Its meaning lies in oneness. There is no love but God’s and all of love is His. 

The first action to solve the marriage problems is to concur that they exist. If you are set on ignoring the concerns, they will never be solved.

It is stated that you can not combat the opponent that you can not see. This viewpoint is definitely real in case of marriages.

Discover the factors behind saving a failing love.

I mean to say, if you feel that your husband has actually changed the way of interaction, address it.

What if your spouse says ‘I have fallen out of love with you,’ don’t panic?

It doesn’t even mean they don’t love you. What it does mean is that your spouse has lost their way, or doesn’t understand the many stages love and a relationship goes through. 

The best option is to start the discussion with your spouse and give him several opportunities to ‘open up’.

Keep your ears and mind open for the subtle tips from his discussion.

Saving your marital relationship is not merely solving the issues.

Reigniting your love for each other is among the effective ways to conserve a marital relationship. You can express your passion for your partner with special dates or surprises.

What makes a relationship healthy and how may a couple have the best marriage ever? Here we explore signs of a great love relationship; as well the intimacy 

Keep in mind the most romantic times you spent together and recreate them with an addition of a special technique.

Provide some time for each other to share the feelings.

The function is to grab the attention of your partner. Likewise, make your relationships healthy with natural attraction.

Other issues can be instantly resolved if you are effective in establishing the enthusiasm for each other.

There may be numerous barriers when you are trying to repair the relationships. If one method fails, you can attempt another technique that might work.

Among the essential steps to saving a failing love is to look for the right suggestions.

Therefore, listen kindly to your family and friends.

Feeling Trapped? …is this how you are secretly feeling? Finances? Freedom? Relationships? Time? Energy? Did I just read your mind…?

This video above may at least point you in nice direction about your inner power needing to be understood.  

You need to try to get a skilled recommendations from counseling sessions. Sure, or books prior to you take any major choice.

A smart guidance can conserve your marital relationship, while bad advice might destroy it.

Learning about ways to conserve a marriage, you would have the ability to resolve the issues. Of course, if any in your marriage and live a pleased married life.

Saving your marital relationship is not simply fixing the issues.

One of the important steps amongst ways to save a marital relationship is to look for the ideal guidance.

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Next up, why we might want to seek out ways to make the love come alive again.

Ways to Enhance Your Love Relationship

Great relationships do not simply happen.

I’ve heard a lot of my readers state that, “If I need to work at it, then it’s not the right relationship.”

This is not a true declaration, any more than it’s true that you do not need to work at things. Like, great physical health through workout, consuming well, and tension reduction.

I’ve discovered, in the years there are options you can make that will not just enhance your relationship. Oh my, yes, but can turn a failing relationship into an effective one.


I like the spiritual metaphysical message in this from the Course in Miracles:

  • Love is a law without an opposite. There is no love but God’s, and what He is, is everything there is. Love waits on welcome, not on time. 

This is the most essential option you can make to improve your relationship.

Self-judgment will always make you feel insecure and unhappy. Yes, no matter how splendidly your partner is treating you.

For instance, rather of getting angry at your partner for your feelings of desertion make another choice.

Sure, when he or she is late, preoccupied and not listening to you, not turned on sexually, and so on. Think about exploring your own sensations of desertion and discover how you may be deserting yourself.

You may be making mistakes that will jeopardize your marriage recovery!

This Save My Marriage course has helped save thousands of marriages. And is guaranteed to deliver results or your money back. 

When you discover how to take full, 100% responsibility for yourself, then you stop blaming your partner for your upsets.

Certainly, blaming one’s partner for one’s own distress is the primary reason for relationship issues.

Thereby, learning how to take loving care of yourself is crucial to a great relationship.


It helps to saving a failing love to bond it strong and keep your relationships alive. It plays a significant function in avoiding the divorce and to keep healthy relationships. 

If you are consistently kind to yourself and your partner, great!

But if your partner is angry, blaming, withdrawn and not available, then you either have to accept a distant relationship, or you need to leave the relationship.

You can not make your partner turn it around– you can just alter yourself.

When we first begin a relationship with someone, we’re attracted to the possibility of what the relationship could become. The bonding stage is an exciting new adventure. 


When conflict happens, you constantly have 2 choices regarding how to deal with the conflict: you can open to discovering yourself and your partner and discover the much deeper problems of the conflict.

Or, you can try to win, or at least not lose, through some form of managing habits.

We’ve all been learning many obvious and subtle ways of trying to manage others into acting how we desire: anger, blame, judgment, niceness, compliance, caretaking.

You know, like resistance, withdrawal of love, discussing, teaching, defending, lying, rejecting, and so on. All the ideas we attempt to control develop even more conflict.

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Next, let consider the idea of learning from one another instead of trying to be in control. 

Let’s Learn rather of Controlling our Partner 

Many individuals have 2 major fears that become triggered in relationships: the fear of abandonment– of losing the other – and the worry of engulfment– of losing oneself.

If you find out about your fears rather of attempt to manage your partner, your fear would eventually recover.


When people very first fall in love, they make time for each other. It is vitally important to set aside specific times to be together– to talk, play, make love.


Favorable energy streams in between two people when there is an “attitude of gratitude.”

Consistent grievances creates a heavy, unfavorable energy, which is not enjoyable to be around.

Practice being grateful for what you have rather than concentrating on what you don’t have.

Complaints develop stress, while gratitude creates inner peace, so thankfulness develops not only psychological and relationship health, but physical health too.


We all know that “work without play makes Jimmy a dull and boring kid.” Work without play makes for dull relationships too.

Relationships flourish when people laugh together, play together, and when humor is a part of daily life.

Stop taking whatever so seriously and find out to see the funny side of life. Intimacy flourishes when there is lightness of being, not when everything is heavy.


A wonderful way of creating intimacy is to do service tasks together. Giving to others fills the heart and produces deep fulfillment in the soul.

Doing service for others along with your loving partner exhibits a true extension of love and supports a wider, more spiritual view of life.

You will be impressed at the enhancement in your relationship if you and your partner agree to these choices!

Remember, if you are consistently kind to yourself and your partner, and your partner is consistently angry, you’ve got problems.

Sure, blaming, withdrawn and unavailable, then you either have to accept a distant relationship, or you need to leave the relationship.

Remembering to learn instead of control is a vital part of enhancing your relationship.

Many people have few significant fears that end up being activated in relationships when saving a failing love: the worry of desertion– of losing the other – perhaps it’s no sex.

Therefore, the worry of engulfment– of losing oneself.

Grievances develop tension and further stress, while gratitude creates inner peace.

So appreciation develops not only emotional and relationship health, however physical health.

Final Note on Healthy Relationships:

Remember, how to begin saving a failing love while saving your marriage is about extension of self and caring for one another.

Sure it is, and be the healthy couple enhancing your relationship…Is it couples psychology?

Work without play makes for dull relationships.

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To success in life and love,

James Nussbaumer

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