Commit Suicide was His Motive: Instead it was Being Successful in Life

I am literally in tears as I begin this brief article about a confrontation with a middle age man ready to commit suicide.

This episode truly took the wind out of me today, but, I guess we may say in a good way.

The experience tells me we while in this world we as humans are never finished learning.

He approached me saying he was ready to leave this world, and, that he had it all planned out.

I met him at a local hospital here in my town where I’d speak today at brief workshop about things like issues that hold us back in life.

He pulled me aside afterwards on my way out the door to ask me if he could ask me something personal.

Of course, I obliged.

He said he was ready to end it all. He asked me to please not preach from the Bible or from any other Spiritual Curriculum as to why he should not proceed.

I gently and calmly asked him that anything you are dealing with can you realize the world needs you?

He stopped me right there.

He continued as I looked him with love directly into eyes while asking me to not give him the ‘same old song and dance.’

I granted him his request.

I extended my love to this nice man and explained why he needs to continue here on Earth with us.

An hour or so later, as he was firmly shaking my hand with another arm around my shoulder in a genuine huge hug, he asked me to share this experience with others. 

So here it is:

But first, I don’t claim to be a healer or a save all. I connected with the nice man without judgement.

Basically, here’s what it’s all about in an easy calm way how this went down, and please think about yourself here, whatever side of the fence you are on.

If you’re thinking to commit suicide, don’t do it, please, I ask you.

Let’s say for a fact of the universe that you are an unfamiliar person, initially of all, as well as everyone’s story in life is quite unique.

Those sensations of pain and feelings of lonesomeness might well be real. I wish, as well you will certainly consider them.

First let me say, I just like you, have had those feelings that the world is against me. I guess, for me, it’s because I always pushed too hard for the wrong reasons.

Sure, I pushed hard as tough as nails at times at the right things for me. But it took some more painful time for me to figure that out.

You may think like, every time you have an opportunity to do something huge, ‘my good luck never turns up,’ it’s always bad luck.

You may think that you always get, somehow SCREWED OVER!

Sound familiar?

You undoubtedly feel significant discomfort in a sense of worthlessness just like I once did.

I mean the despondence, or let’s say, various other troubles that are triggering you to intend to use suicide as a way to leave this world.

First before I conclude let me ask, have you sought after expert advice and other type suggestions to get you through this?

To commit suicide my friend is not the answer, here.

No, it is not.

Let me tell you why we world citizens don’t want you to commit suicide, and why we need you:

You cannot commit suicide and leave this world, because we all need you for who you are!

We need you to keep humanity on a train of interlocking peace to one day awaken to our real Home, Heaven.

My friend, we cannot do this, we cannot awaken from peace and into peace unless you stay here with us in peace.

We in this world need you! Please stay here and help us.

(Please note: I’d written another that may help about is life a dream?: only because so many truth seekers everywhere believe it’s our true release from guilt and depression.) 

To living in happiness,

James Nussbaumer

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