Failure and Success Go Together: the Harmony for How Successful Grow

Can you see why failure and success go together for a life of harmony, happiness and love?  

How do you see failure?

Do you see it as something negative that you don’t wish to be connected with or do you see it as something positive?

Most people in the world do not like failure.

Worry of failure is the main reason more than 85% of people in the world are not prepared to change their circumstances.

Why do people fear failure so much? As a result, don’t understand that failure and success go together?

The factor for this is because individuals don’t understand the characteristics involved in success and failure.

Whatever we do in life has either a best method of doing it and a incorrect method of doing it. Needless to say that when we do it the wrong method we are unsuccessful.

When somebody who doesn’t comprehend this dynamic satisfies with temporary failure he quits believing that he is not good enough. Or that he will never ever make it.

Is this actually what it is?

Does the fact that you didn’t make it the very first time mean that you are unsatisfactory?

Does it indicate that you’ll never make it?



What do you do next?

You go back and review and find out where you went wrong. Then you attempt again this time using a different method.

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When this does not work you return and take a look at whatever you have done so far. Talk to effective people who have actually made it in this area.

Yes, of course, failure and success go together!

Consider what you may have overlooked and attempt once again. Whatever you do, don’t give up.

Why do you require to do this?

Due to the fact that, “Every failure, every adversity and every heartache, brings with it the seed of an equivalent or a greater advantage,” says author and coach to many, the late Wayne W. Dyer.

Failure includes the seed of victory and of success.

Failure teaches you what works and what doesn’t. When you study the factors for your failure and find out from it, you’ll find the key to your success.

Every effective individual has had to conquer momentary defeat at one time or another. Do you envy those who got success quickly? Success earned in spite of earlier failure is so much sweeter than if you would get it otherwise.

Those who earn success in this method understand the road to success being that failure and success go together.

Since they have learned how to end up being effective, they are not scared of losing what they have. Those that quickly got success don’t know the road.

They got there so quickly that they didn’t bother to browse.

Let me use the following analogy to show. Take two guys traveling to the exact same location, with this difference. The one is going by plane and the other by vehicle, but the one arriving by cars and truck had a few breakdowns along the way.

If you take these guys back to their initial position and ask them to find their way to their location, who do you  think is going to remember the roadway much better the next time?

Undoubtedly the guy who had a few breakdowns and spend a long time on the roadway, because he had the chance to take a look around.

He understood that failure and success go together.

Let momentary defeat no longer be an obstacle.

You have many hidden talents, so begin working towards realizing your dreams.

Don’t be put off by the fear of failure. Failure is an ally because it includes the seed of success.

When someone who does not understand this dynamic fulfills with temporary failure he offers up believing that he is not good enough or that he will never ever make it.

Remember, “Every failure, every adversity and every heartache, brings with it the seed of an equivalent or a greater advantage.”

This is a statement understood by successful people whoever walked this planet.

Failure contains the seed of win/win and of success.

When you study the reasons for your failure and discover from it that failure and success go together.

Yes, and, you’ll discover the key to your success.

Success made in spite of earlier failure is so much sweeter than if you would get it otherwise.

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All my best,

James Nussbaumer

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