Life Challenges Overcome: A Laconic Lesson for Pure Continuous Bliss

When an individual is ONLY focused on acquiring things, it typically does not work well.

Too often a person not following his or heart will become lost and confused.

But when the serious right-minded person knows how to handle distractions, what happens?

When a serious minded person brushes aside the sidetracking things they’ve been focused on, things will alter.

I mean that, a serious individual about making the real experience of consistent and pure bliss their target, will reach thier goal.

The Course in Miracles teaches that, “Only the Holy Spirit knows what you need. For He will give you all the things that do not block the way to light.”

Pure Continuous Bliss Regardless of Life Challenges for the Life You Want

What I recommend by this is that an individual in his/her purest nature is a completely happy person. On the other side, lots of have the misconception of how to achieve the joy.

When an individual is only thinking about material possessions, usually that soul becomes lost and confused.

But I say again in a different way, when a right-minded thinker brushes aside the ego-based nonsense of fear and doubt, things will transform. 

Yes, life-turning change!

How does a heart-searching person go about making the real feeling of consistent and pure bliss their target?

(Here’s why what you want in life is more easily achieved by the power of attraction.)  

How to easily live in total bliss!

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