Is Life Just a Dream? If So Who is in Charge of Writing the Script?

We’ve often heard that perhaps the world we see around us is scripted in our mind. This idea may answer to, is life just a dream? I mean just like when we dream at night and wonder the next day if it was a lesson, or yet clues for accomplishing some goal we’ve been obsessed over.

If so, life in this world can be seen as a dream of sort that is real to a point. Sure there are lessons, but there’s far too many thoughts conflicting and separating presenting us with fears that are not necessary.

A Course in Miracles helps us see that, “We may not find what we see while in sleeping dreams versus when awake, because what we see in our waking life we blot out in our dreams.”

Is life just a dream, where like dreams, we arrange everything in our lives?  People become what we want them to be, and we direct what they do.

A Course in Miracles further states, “How can communication really be established while symbols that are used mean different things?”

Can this life be a dream? 

For a while it seems as if the world were given to us to make as we wish. 

But the ego-based mind in us all—where projected images of the world are made, is really trying to attack the world, trying to defeat it and make it serve us. 

When we consider this, couldn’t we conclude that dreams are ongoing temper tantrums in which we make our demands?  It’s no different than a child who screams, “I want this toy now!”

However, the dream does not have an origin that will allow us to escape. All we can do to put the dream behind us is to awaken.

Is life just a dream where anger and fear seem to spread throughout it, and in an instant the illusion of satisfaction is invaded by the illusion of terror?

What is true reality?

We often dream of our ability to control reality by substituting a world that we prefer, rather than the waking world that can be terrifying. 

We know that our attempts to blot out true reality are frightening, but we’re not willing to admit it. 

Is life just a dream, where we therefore substitute the fantasy of reality as being fearful, rather than simply live in the peace of true reality?  By labeling it fearful, we have an excuse. 

Of course then we make more excuses to cover our fear and guilt.  This is the ego at work, splitting and fragmenting more thought about the dangers of love and giving and receiving.

Is life just a dream where it seems that some of our dreams are showing us we have the power to make a world as we’d like to see it, and other dreams seem to have control over us. 

While I was seeing it, I surely didn’t doubt whether it was real or not. 

It seemed real; and yet this dream was a world only in my mind that seemed to be outside of me.  We don’t respond to our dreams as though we made them, nor do we realize that the emotions the dream produces must come from us.

Dream figures

It’s the figures in the dreams and their actions that seem to make the dream. 

We really don’t realize that we are actually making them act out for us. 

But if we did realize this, we would see they have no guilt. 

Why is this? 

Because they’re not real.  The illusion of satisfaction of the dream figure is also not there.  We wake up, and the dream figures, as well as the dream itself, have left us. 

But we fail to recognize that what caused the dream remains with us.

It’s the wish to make another world that remains in all of us.  What we only seem to awaken to is another form of this same unreal world that we see in dreams. 

All of our time is spent dreaming.  Our sleeping and our waking dreams have different forms; but that is the only difference. 

Their content is the same.

Dreams are our protest against true reality—our true Home—Heaven, and our fixed and insane idea that we can change it.  Why do we wish to change it?  It’s because while in this world it frightens us. 

Why does true eternal reality frighten us?  I mean, we all say that Heaven is a great place, but we’re afraid to die and find out what’s in store.

Why is this?  

Could it be merely because deep within we know true reality is Heaven, and our ego-based mind is plagued with the fear of God?

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To a life of your dreams,

James Nussbaumer

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