Managing My Life, Hmmm! Why you’re not Changing Your Luck Around?

There’s a long-time managing my life formula, we may say, that you aren’t using.

I mean like when stuck over thoughts of changing your luck around for the better. 

But here’s what’s kind of insane when it comes to trying to improve your life.

Heck, you even grew up realizing this; well, sort of. And the moment you’ve been realizing it you quit on it.

From so many fortune 500 companies to wonderful pro athletes, to top musicians and artists, use the power of reflection.

But for other scenarios the little guys and gals shy away and never practice it, or give up to soon.

So, I want you to take, oh, say, 5 to 15 minutes today and put this into action, because you will get over that hurdle of of: managing my life.

Why you’re not Managing Your Life with Freedom and Success?

It may look easy and it is, and I know for a fact how this can change your luck around.

I like to use these words below in mindfulness meditation I’ve borrowed from A Course in Miracles. This helps to  consistently keep my life improving with fun and happiness:

Only use it for a few minutes a day and begin to see how your world turns around for the better.

My few minute meditation, or, prayer, if you prefer, daily goes like this:

  • “Every true loving thought is what keeps me moving forward healthy in life. Every decision I make stems from what I believe I am, and represents the value that I put upon myself.” 

For those of you who know my story do realize it works well, and will make a big difference in your over-all life yet to be lived.

It’s all about being in control of your self-awareness.

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All my best,

James Nussbaumer

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