Marriage Advice in the Troubled Relationship when feeling No Energy

Are you perhaps feeling that you just do not have the energy for marriage advice?

I mean hashing out all the “who is to blame stuff?” 

Yet another reader of my books and articles was telling me: “I just don’t know if I have the energy to do this, to save my marriage.”

I hear that frequently, but more so in recent times.

Most people don not get marriage advice because they feel much pressure and concern these days.

You know, robbing them of energy from elsewhere.

You can’t control some things in life… like a pandemic, and all the dominoes that are getting knocked over, because of it.

On the other hand you can commit to getting solid marriage advice.

But there are some things you CAN do to reallocate resources, to find your energy, and to save your marriage.

There is a special video I suggest you seek out.

It is about the underlying issues you don’t have the energy… and how to shift back toward commitment to saving the marriage. 

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How to Heal with Success in a Troubled Relationship

You don’t have to be a marriage advice Therapist or love relationship Guru to figure out what’s wrong with your love life.

And even if you have a large save our marriage goal to get accomplished, it does NOT need to take weeks or months, or even years to get it done.

If you want to increase and complete your ‘healing relationship commitment,’ start now. Yes, I mean, by each of you being totally committed to the effect you want by carrying out the cause.

I say, this marriage advice is how you will certainly experience the true results you want.

It will show you what you need to do (even if you aren’t so enthused right now) so you can after all, get the love relationship out of the dumps for the life you want.

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All my best,

James Nussbaumer

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